Team Building is a Vital Component to Productivity

How to Improve Your Team Building Process

Use the predictive index for better team building and higher productivity.Few organizations function solely on the work of individuals alone. Rather, many will put teams in place to work toward an objective or goal. This requires an amount of team building that can cause considerable pain points for some organizations. How can you improve the way your employees work together?

Get Collaborative

Collaboration doesn’t come easy, especially when you have a diverse group of people in constant contact, leading to sometimes tense situations that require an effective conflict resolution attitude. This requires education because not everyone is equipped with the right attributes to de-escalate conflict.

They need to understand that each member has a role that might differ slightly from the other and the different responsibilities each member has. A team leader needs to be established to keep everyone “in line,” so to speak, and keep the project pointed in the right direction in a collaborative fashion.

Communicate Effectively

Proper team building requires the right ways to communicate. They need a method for offering constructive feedback and receiving the same kind of feedback about their performance in return.

Communication efforts during conflict are also important. Rather than waiting for the dust to settle, all conflict issues need to be addressed instead of ignored. It’s true that conflict can be the catalyst for great ideas, but those ideas can’t be explored if they aren’t addressed.

Onboard the Right People

The best team building processes involve hiring smart, which can be difficult without the right tools in place. While it’s true that the right onboarding process can develop a more productive team, the process is very difficult without the right personalities in place from the beginning.

If you have a clearly defined company culture, you’re going to be able to match your job candidates more clearly to that culture. Many in the workforce today mark company culture quite highly in how they determine where they’ll work. When everyone on your teams buy in fully to your company culture, they work together at higher levels of productivity because they share some foundational work behaviors that are vital to high-level teamwork.

Predictive Index

By utilizing the predictive index and behavioral assessment, you take the guesswork out of hiring. Instead of just trying out people who might fit in with your company culture, use the predictive index method to pinpoint the right people from day one. Contact us at the PI Consulting Group and let’s talk about improving your team building process.