Company Culture is Important to Establish – Base it on Your Mission

Hiring the Right Employees to Fit Your Company Culture

A happy employee is one that sticks around, not just idly though – they’re people who are productive and engaged.Make you employees happier and help them embrace your company culture. Happy employees are the ones who really get the company culture and thrive as part of it.

Getting to the point where the majority of your employees accept and relish in your company culture isn’t easy, but here are some tips you can use to get there:

1. Lay Out Your Mission
Has your company mission statement been carefully crafted? Is it out there for all to read? You’re going to have a much better chance of pulling in the right people if they have read and completely understand your company mission because your values are plain to see. Companies that are mission-driven tend to attract people who have great attitudes that align with that mission.

2. Communicate
Do you know what motivates your workers? Each of them has unique interests and needs, which means you need to open the lines of communication. Talk to them about what they value, what motivates them and what annoys them. You can even send out email surveys that help you gather the data you need to better motivate your people and build a better-rounded company culture.

3. Personalize and be Compassionate
How flexible are you with your employees? Do you know if they’re experiencing some personal issues that impact their quality of work? If so, be compassionate and flexible with them as they work out their issues. Bosses that show compassion are more likely to establish a sense of loyalty to their employees.

4. Offer Options
The workplace has become increasingly mobile. Workers today relish in the fact that they can do work outside of the office setting. Some people like to have a work from home day, which can be a great motivation builder.

5. Embrace the Concept of Fun
Keeping your employees happy might include bringing a ping pong table into the break room, letting them dress down one day a week, bring their dog to work, offer free snacks one day a week or allow some goofing around on Fridays. You want to create an atmosphere of flexibility and fun that motivates people to be more productive.

6. Utilize the Predictive Index Method
Get off on the right foot by hiring right in the first place. With the predictive index, you can find the candidates who fit your company culture.

At PI Consulting Group, we’re the predictive index experts. Contact us today and get on the right path to filling your teams with people who fit your company culture.