Taking a Fresh Look at Leadership Development

Key Tips to Strengthen Your Leadership Development

Without a strong group of up and coming leaders, organizations hinder their opportunity for growth. Leadership development strategies are built to assist in identifying and developing these future leaders, but it’s not without itsBehavioral assessment can be a key part of leadership development. challenges.

Apply Better Learning Principles

Does your company training lean heavily on addressing the current issues you have? That’s a fairly impersonal approach that’s also short term, and perhaps a little short-sighted.

Your strategies should focus on consistently offering a blend of self-learning opportunities as well as in-person training that caters to a wider variety of needs your company has now and will have in the future. This will improve your leadership development strategy as well.

Flatten Out

The Mercer Global Talent Trends Report shows that 93% of companies that took part in a survey said their top priority was to reshape their organizational design and structure, which includes flattening organizations and decentralizing decision making while ramping up authority and control.

The focus on “flattening” organizations is part of leadership development because it enables an organization to spread their knowledge and expertise across a wider base than what leaders in non-flat organizations are able to achieve.

Personalize Programming

Another new way of looking at leadership development is to stop focusing on personnel as employees and to start developing the people that they are. Today’s workforce wants to feel empowered, and when you build development programs around doing something for them only for their job title in your company, you’re not meeting their needs for personal development.

When organizations listen to the unique needs of their future leaders, they’re better able to build development programs that speak to their individual wants and desires to further themselves in the industry, rather than for the limited roles management wants them to fit into.

Getting Scientific

Aside from leadership development programs, you need to also consider how you identify future leaders to enroll them in those programs. By utilizing the predictive index method, you can take a scientific approach to finding these individuals, either as applicants or current employees that might otherwise slip under the radar.

Part of the predictive index includes the behavioral assessment, which is quick and easy to take, but is analyzed by a trained professional. This is what unlocks what a job interview and/or a resume can’t. It will help you determine which applicants are a good match for your company culture, which employees are better suited to work on teams together, and who should be groomed as a future leader in your organization.

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