Do you know how the people in your leadership pipeline got there?

4 Steps You Can Take to Improve Employee Retention

If keeping your best employees around longer to assist in your growth strategies were easy, nobody would havePicking the right team members and addressing their needs can improve your employee retention. trouble with employee retention. The truth is, most organizations are either struggling with retention issues now or will at some point. What do your challenges say about your organization?

1. Keep Your Employees Engaged

One of the first places to look at improving your employee retention is engagement status, because employees that aren’t engaged are not happy employees.

To improve engagement, your leadership needs to simply listen to employees’ concerns. Whether it’s an official meeting or just popping by someone’s desk to visit, keeping that line of communication open can give clues to areas that need improvement or areas that need to be further bolstered.

2. Develop Your Workforce

Today’s employees want the opportunity to advance their careers, and one of the ways they do this is through internal development practices. The career path for your brightest team members is likely not solely focused on where they are at the current time. They want opportunities to branch out in their knowledge base, and without this they may look for an organization that will give them that chance.

3. Image is Everything; Almost

Employees want to be proud of their company, which involves establishing a company culture that is easily visible. Unfortunately, some organizations suffer from bad public relations. Without a solid brand image, it’s difficult for your employees to take pride in where they spend 40-plus hours of their week. Be diligent about public-facing issues that might sully your organization’s reputation.

Utilize the Predictive Index For a Solid Employee Foundation

Grooming your employees to accept the company culture and thrive within it is not possible with all of them. For this reason, you can utilize the predictive index method to make sure that when you hire someone, they’re a good fit for your organization. By utilizing the behavioral assessment, you can ensure that they’re a good fit for the organization and for specific roles within it. Furthermore, you’re all able to use this method for identifying your future leaders, so you can start grooming them now.

At PI Consulting Group, our mission is to assist our clients in making sure they have the workforce they need to reach their goals, which should include improving employee retention. Contact us today and let’s talk about how our methods will help your company.