Is Your Hiring Process Bringing in the Right People for Your Team?

Tips for Improving Your Hiring Process

If you have hired someone who is not the right person for your team, you know the high cost of onboarding a newImprove your hiring process with the predictive index. employee that is only with your company for a short time. It’s also costly in terms of wasted time, which means you’re in danger of not reaching your goals on intended deadlines. If your hiring process is not leading to the results you need, it has to be a top consideration as you fill each and every position in your organization.

The benefits of bringing in the right people for your team are many. For starters, productivity gets a big boost. When you have the right person in the right job your workplace morale also gets a boost. Goals are reached on time or before deadline and you see an improvement in employee retention. The problem is, how do you find these people and get them on board?

Plan Your Strategy

Not many goals are reached without a written set of plans to support them. To bring in the right people, you have to be concise in your job description. This requires that you do a full analysis of the job at hand and make sure you’re fully cognizant of the duties and responsibility of the job. A more accurate description of the job will help land the right applicants.

Furthermore, your strategy needs to include developing a team of people who can help bring the right people to your team. They work together to help identify the best applicants and run them through a rigorous interviewing process.

In some cases, the people you need for your open positions have already been groomed for the job you need filled. These are often people you would consider “potential” candidates for the job, so you maintain a relationship with them in something akin to a nurturing process. The more you get to know them, the better able you are to consider them for placement.

Predictive Index

The Predictive Index is a way to achieve growth goals while developing leaders – all by utilizing a scientifically proven method to bring the right people to you. Through behavior and skill assessments, dynamic workforce analytics and business expertise, PI Consulting Group is able to identify the people who will fit your company culture and be a great addition to your teams. Find out more about what we do and let’s talk about how we can help you with your hiring process.