Team Building Exercises That Foster Trust

Creating a Team Building Strategy to Take Your Team to the Next Level

Create a team building strategy that will turn your crew into a well-oiled machine capable of reaching any goal.How well do the people on your team know each other? A working relationship can be toxic when personalities collide, but when team building strategies are put in place and each member gains a better understanding of the other, the potential for tension is relieved.

It’s not always about avoiding toxic tension though; even individuals who work well together can benefit from team building exercises, leading to a more productive work environment. As you structure your team building events, what should the main components be comprised of?

1. Rules for Coaching/Training Events
Setting boundaries are extremely important because it gives everyone the information they need to gain a sense of empowerment. This is where expectations can be laid out, attitudes can be discussed and a general set of rules can be agreed upon.

2. Train the Leaders
If you’re going to gain trust among all the team members, you have to train the leaders, as well. This all-encompassing approach leaves no stone unturned and gives the staff the assurance that even the leaders can benefit from training.

3. Get Semi-Personal

While a staff member’s personal life doesn’t all need to be dragged into the office, team building requires a personal approach that allows for sharing stories, which offer insight into how a person reacts to various workplace stimuli.

4. Get Active
Your team building exercises don’t have to include actual physical exercise, it is good to include an activity that gets them out of the regular office experience. Think about taking them on an outdoor adventure that is away from anything they’ll experience in an office setting. These events can really stimulate creativity.

5. What to Avoid
You don’t want to waste anyone’s time, so come to a consensus about what will be constructive while also being enjoyable.

Here are a few exercises NOT to embark upon:

  • Trust Fall
    It’s just too physically intrusive, number one, but falling back into a colleague’s arms as a means of developing trust doesn’t work.
  • Blindfolding
    Similar to the trust fall, a staff member will wear a blindfold and rely on the commands of team members to guide them through a specific task. Again, it’s an ineffective exercise and potentially embarrassing for the blindfolded individual.
  • Two Truths and a Lie
    It might seem like a fun guessing game for everyone to figure out which is the lie, and it’s often used as an icebreaker, but you’re actually encouraging people to come up with fibs. Furthermore, it’s not a productive exercise and few people actually enjoy doing this.
  1. Predictive Index
    Before you even begin your team building events, make sure you’ve got the right people on the teams to begin with. It’s almost impossible to truly know who will fit well together unless you use the Predictive Index method, which involves a cognitive and behavior assessment that reveals deeply hidden traits that you need to know about before you establish who is working with whom.

    At PI Consulting Group, we’re the Predictive Index experts who can help you create the best possible team. Contact us and we’ll tell you how we do it.