Why a Behavioral Assessment is Your Key Hiring Tool

Reveal behavioral data points that matter through the behavioral assessment process.We’ve all marveled at what’s revealed in a personality test. Maybe the results confirm what you already knew – or maybe they reveal a side you weren’t aware of previously – but to go deeper to find the right people to work for your organization, it is key for your organization to use a behavioral assessment.

The behavioral assessment is more than a personality test in that it reveals aspects of a person’s reaction to stimuli in the workplace that might otherwise be unattainable. Essentially, the assessment will offer up data regarding an employee’s behavioral drive. It can be a revealing self-awareness moment for the employee, but also give the leadership in your organization the data they need to better communicate with employees and place them on the teams that will bring out their productive capabilities.

What is Revealed?

Some people aren’t meant to be the center of attention. This is common among introverts. It doesn’t mean they’re shy or that they don’t value communicating with others – it just means that they prefer to work out of the limelight and limit light banter in favor of more meaningful interaction. A behavioral assessment can reveal this in people who hide these tendencies, and that’s important because when you place an introvert in an extraverted situation, they’re going to burn out.

The behavioral assessment is also able to identify people who have what it takes to gravitate toward a leadership role. Again, this can be hidden in a person’s outward personality, which means without going the extra mile to reveal personality data about your employees, you’re missing the chance to groom a future leader.

Conflict in the workplace causes tension, which ultimately leads to an unhappy work environment. Unhappy workers are less productive and more likely to be on the search for employment elsewhere. With a behavioral assessment in your arsenal, you begin to understand what can trigger conflict within an employee and take the appropriate steps to avoid tension.

Build the Right Teams

A great team includes individuals with varying skillsets, all bringing something unique to the table, which leads to a highly productive team. While these skillsets are important, you can’t discount the human element that can lead to disagreements. You also have to factor in behavioral skills. A behavioral assessment will help you understand which employees are oil and which are water, so to speak.

With more knowledge about what drives an employee and where their behavioral skills lie, you can avoid the oil and water situation and build teams that will mesh on an emotional level.

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