Building a Strong Team With Generations in the Workplace

Embracing strong teambuilding practices can help bridge the gap between generations in the workplace.We have five generations in the workplace today. Some of this has to do with the increasing number of employees putting off retiring. This means that, as an employer, you have Baby Boomers working alongside 20-somethings and everyone in between.

This can be a benefit for your company if you have a strong strategy in place for building your teams. Older workers have amassed decades of experiences that can be fodder for educating younger workers. They can serve as mentors and offer wisdom and perspective. And younger employees bring enthusiasm and new ideas that can help older workers think outside the box.

No Two Generations Are the Same

By being mindful of the differences in each generation, you can relieve potential conflict and improve the ways in which workers are teamed together for more effective outcomes. For example, it’s a widely held belief that Millennials are far more adept at working with technology than Baby Boomers. However, Boomers are hard workers, team players and are often among the most productive employees in the workplace.

Catering to the strengths of each employee requires that the management know how to communicate effectively and rather than playing off generational stereotypes, they get to know each individual’s skillset and cater to their individual management style preferences.

Communicating Effectively

In-person communication is a preference for most Baby Boomers and a lot of Generation X employees, but Millennials and Gen Z employees usually do not prefer the in-person method of communication, instead preferring text messaging.

By embracing platforms that allow your team members to share documents and collaborate on projects via electronic means, you’re going to give the younger generations their preferred method of communicating, but it’s also an efficient way to share information.

When something goes wrong in the workplace, it’s usually due to a communication failure. To avoid this situation, particularly if you have different generations in the workplace, you need to take the extra time and effort to ensure the older generations are comfortable with the platform you’ve chosen to communicate and inform. With more confidence, there is less conflict, fewer goals missed and more productivity.

Predictive Index to the Rescue

Just because a person falls within the age range of a specific generation doesn’t mean they’ll have absorbed all the stereotypical attributes of that generation. Everyone has their own ways of reacting to workplace stimuli, which is why it’s important to get a deeper view of their tendencies.

You can achieve this by utilizing the Predictive Index method. This was created through a normative sample of thousands of people and identifies behavioral factors that lead to a better understanding of where a person would fit within an organization. This can be of great benefit to organizations that have generations in the workplace and want to mix and match various skillsets more effectively.

At PI Consulting Group, we’re experts in Predictive Index methodology and can assist you in implementing better onboarding practices, gain more productivity out of your teams and reduce conflict. Contact us and let’s talk about our methods.