Does Your Talent Acquisition Strategy Meet Today’s Needs and Take Into Account the Future Direction of Your Company?

Do you need a new strategy to meet your talent acquisition goals?Today, many organizations are struggling with talent acquisition challenges. According to a survey by Talentnow, an organization that produces recruitment software, 42% of employers are worried they won’t be able to fill their open positions with the right talent.  Also, 86% of the talent that could fill the positions are already employed and have no desire to leave their current position. How can you overcome these challenges and strengthen your talent acquisition strategy to build a strong team?

It’s About More Than Recruitment

Recruiting is important, as it is the tool used to find the right people for specific roles, which usually only meets goals to fill positions for a short term. More important is talent acquisition, which focuses on the long-term fulfillment of specific roles.

When you embark on talent acquisition strategies, you’re looking for the best people, the most qualified workers to bring you to a new level of productivity. They are the people who become the future leaders of the organization, whether by department or in the executive suite.

Attracting these candidates should include much more than going to job fairs and conducting social media outreach campaigns – it has to involve a long-term plan that accounts for the many varied ways in which the top talent is identified and contacted.

The Importance of Branding

Talent acquisition relies on putting yourself out there in such a way that attracts the best, which means you have to be sure your branding is on point, because when an attractive applicant comes to you, it’s more often than not because they were enticed by your company brand.

Your brand is often equated to company culture, which is a key factor with today’s workforce; it’s even more of a factor than salary in persuading them to come to you. They’re looking for a culture that promotes a healthy work/life balance. They’re also looking for specific values that fit their own. All of your outreach must be consistent and relay your values and what you stand for as a company.

Finding Talent for Today and Tomorrow

You can’t fill your open positions or identify future leaders without knowing where you want to be to meet today’s goals while pointing your organization in the right direction for where you want to be years down the road. Talent acquisition takes into account how you’ll expand in the future and find the employees who can take you there.

You’ll seek out people with the skill sets that might not be of the highest importance today, but will be vital in the near to distant future. You can produce your marketing content outreach around these needs and more effectively attract the right candidates.

Once you’ve got them on the hook, you have to do more than run a series of interviews to make sure they’re a good fit with your brand. By utilizing the Predictive Index method, you can identify people with the right temperament through a behavioral assessment. This will help you avoid landing an employee only to find out later they have the wrong reaction to your workplace stimuli.

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