See how these companies have built high-performing, cohesive teams with the predictive index.


This senior living provider cut its turnover to half the industry average by using the Predictive Index to put right person in the right place.

A Massachusetts-based company using the Predictive Index to build strong teams by hiring new employees that fit their customer-focused culture.

Matching employees to jobs that fit their natural style improved morale, driving employee satisfaction ratings from Poor to Excellent.

The nation’s number one producer of sausages and brats has incorporated the Predictive Index into their leadership training program to identify individual behavioral traits and team dynamics.

A financial services startup used the Predictive Index to ensure the new hires were behaviorally compatible with the two co-founders.

This information services company used the Predictive Index to identify people who would best fit the company culture during a series of mergers and acquisitions.

See how a school district went from being one of the worst in Indiana to one of the best by using the Predictive Index to move administrators and teachers into roles in which they could flourish.

High turnover in a new distribution channel drove this 60 year old company to use the Predictive Index to identify candidates who wouldn’t wash out of the training.

Initial resistance to the Predictive Index quickly vanished when turnover costs and workmen’s compensation claims were slashed after a pilot program.

By focusing on job fit and productivity, this twenty plus year Predictive Index client continues to grow in an industry that almost died in the United States.