See how these companies have built high-performing, cohesive teams with help from PI Consulting Group.


Mattress Direct

When Mattress Direct created a vision for rapid growth in their market, they knew they needed to build a team of people whose sales and work styles fit with that vision. They turned to PI Consulting Group and implemented The Predictive Index, which helped them make better hiring decisions and improve communications with existing employees.

Mattress Direct was having trouble hiring the right team members. The Predictive Index helped them:

  • Identify candidates that matched the sales and work styles of the company goals
  • Take some of the guesswork out of hiring, and allowed management to follow up with employees on particular topics
  • Improve communications with employees, by utilizing The Predictive Index to have more insightful, productive conversations



When Groendyke hires a new employee, there’s more than your average risk involved. That’s because Groendyke prioritizes safety in their business practices. With 29 terminals serving 49 states, plus Canada and Mexico, their handling of hazardous materials requires that only candidates that share their commitment to safety can be hired. Groendyke needed the right tools to ensure that they were hiring the right people for driving and transport management roles. The Predictive Index:

  • Offered insight into behavioral traits and tendencies that can impact safety decisions
  • Help Groendyke distinguish, even among ideal employees, the right fit for a safe driver versus an effective manager


Grantham University

Grantham University wanted more than just employees with a high level of intellectual ability. They were looking for emotional maturity, a better indicator of how an employee responds in a stressful situation, or even in regular communication among team members. The Predictive Index provided clear, objective information about how individuals overcome stress to complete a project or work through conflict to reach a solution.

Grantham University required a more in-depth, complex understanding of candidates than what can be ascertained in an interview The Predictive Index:

  • Helped them overcome the challenge of hiring employees without a clear picture of their ability to handle stress, which often resulted in an imperfect fit
  • Helped them redesign and refine their hiring strategy to match people with roles where they can have sustained success