What if your best talent is already on your team, but working in the wrong job?

Our clients have the right people in the right jobs doing the right things.

Even with better recruiting and screening tools, does hiring still feel like guesswork?

Not for our clients. They hire confidently.

Is everybody in the organization fully engaged, doing what they do best, working to deliver value for customers?

We help clients do this every day.

Is your team cohesive, resilient and adept at leveraging their diverse strengths to solve problems?

Our clients have high-performing teams all through their organizations.

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It’s a business discipline that aligns your business strategy and your talent strategy so you can achieve your desired business results. It’s the commitment of everyone in the organization to use people data to deploy the right people in the right place and equipping those people to do their best work.

Everybody on your team - all in.
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Hire Top Talent

Fill your talent pipeline with the right job candidates.  Candidates that share your values, are a fit for the job and will work well with your team.

Design Winning Teams

Build teams that can resolve internal conflict, communicate clearly, have clearly defined roles and processes and possess a strong sense of purpose.

Manage People Brilliantly

Our behavioral and cognitive tools will help you identify employees that think strategically, drive for results and collaborate effectively.


According to a Gallup survey –

  • Disengaged workers comprise 70% of the workforce
  • These disengaged employees cost business owners $550 billion annually in lost productivity
  • 84% of these workers would consider leaving their current jobs if offered another role with a company that had an excellent reputation


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The Predictive Index Talent Optimization Platform is a suite of tools that enables leaders to:

  • Collect people data
  • Hire top talent
  • Build self-awareness and boost interpersonal relationships
  • Develop employees and managers
  • Ensure senior leaders agree on business strategy
  • Map leadership abilities of the executive team to identify any gaps
  • Boost engagement

The Predictive Index Platform is a tool for every leader in the organization. It also integrates with a variety of applicant tracking and human resource information systems.




Our suite of assessments gives leaders actionable information about the behavioral and cognitive skills of people in the organization. Assessments are easy to administer and results are available immediately.


Job descriptions spell out skills required and tasks to be done, but not about the kind of person that will succeed in that job. That’s where we begin. We also check for culture fit and team fit.


We work with leaders in your organization to maximize your investment in the Predictive Index. Leaders are confident in their application of the information from the Predictive Index tools.


All the resources of the Predictive Index and all the information about your people and teams are easily accessible in our Platform. Leaders in the organization can see the information and act on it.

Build an engaged workforce
using industry-leading tools.

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Bob Clark
Bob Clark
President & Founder

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