Using Talent Analytics to Optimize Your Team

talent analyticsCompanies are increasingly realizing the benefit of harnessing Big Data for hiring purposes. Using measurable, solid data, companies can analyze extensive metrics among their candidates. They can choose the new hire that most closely aligns with what a position requires. They are no longer forced to rely on only a resume in an interview, because talent analytics can hone in on the perfect match for a position.


While talent analytics have certainly changed the way human resources departments navigate hiring processes, data-savvy companies are using the same tools to refine the talent they already have. Using behavioral assessments and skills assessments, it is possible to use talent analytics to match each team member with the best possible position in the organization.


Here are a few reasons why you should use talent analytics to develop your team in a time of organizational change or growth:


Talent analytics give teeth to your instincts. You may have a great feeling about recommending your protégée to your boss for an opportunity, but objective data backs up your recommendation. Your choice will be clearly supported when you review the data alongside your intuition.


Talent analytics can be a powerful descriptive tool. You might think your best sales reps are holding to top positions because they follow up quickly with customers and leads, working efficiently in the field. However, an in-depth behavioral analysis may show that a different behavior tendency is at the root of your sales reps’ success, such as an intuitive ability to understand people and to be persuasive.


Talent analytics are also powerful predictive tools. Once the behavior traits, tendencies and motivations of your highest performers are identified, you can build a template for future hires, as well as training for those already on your team. Likewise, you may discover that your perfect project manager, for instance, is sitting in another department and underperforming for that position.


Talent analytics adds a taste of democracy to your organization. A behavioral assessment takes into account those factors that can’t be demonstrated on a resume, such as social skills and emotional intelligence. When this information is known and shared across all levels of your leadership, genuine impacts on performance can be achieved.


Here’s another thought to ponder: With behavioral assessments, you can change the future of your company to improve outcomes. Unlike a lot of measurement tools, talent analytics give you information that allows you to predict the future, rather than historical data that only allows you to reflect on where you’ve been.


PI Consulting Group uses the PI System to give you unique insights into your team members. The PI System includes a set of tools that allow you to identify and maximize the strengths of the talent you have. Beginning with a two-day training seminar and continuing with ongoing professional support, PI Group provides talent analytics and consultation to good companies that want to be great.