Use These Guidelines for Retaining Employees and Help Them Identify With Your Company Culture

retaining employeesEmployee engagement is sometimes challenging for companies to prioritize. The task of retaining employees over time with full engagement in company culture often falls to human resources. However, effective engagement is a more comprehensive concept that can be implemented across the organization. Your company culture is a critical part of keeping quality employees. If they don’t feel like they are a part of your company identity, your employees may look elsewhere for a place where they feel at home.


Here are a few ways to think about as you focus on retaining employees with engagement strategies:


Create a comprehensive, ongoing plan for engagement. Many companies use a once-a-year survey to assess employee engagement. Many of those surveys provide helpful information, but because engagement hasn’t been prioritized, the results are published and forgotten. Unless your leadership team takes action as a result of the survey’s findings, the survey isn’t helpful.


Think beyond the survey, too. There are a number of ways to get employee feedback about engagement, such as one-on-one conversations and small group lunches where leaders can get a better idea how employees are engaging with the company.


Think outside of the human resources department. If your strategy for retaining employees is limited to activities managed by the human resources department, you are missing opportunities to engage your team in the company culture. You can easily find ways to include engagement across your organization by identifying those employees for whom engagement is a natural part of their personality and recruiting them as a type of task force.


Your leadership can incorporate convenient engagement strategies, such as inviting small groups of employees out for coffee, where there is a “no work talk” rule, and your leadership spends time getting to know team members.


Make your engagement strategies engaging. While surveys are the most popular choice, they are not likely to be met with enthusiasm by your staff. Think of other ways to engage employees in ways that they will anticipate and enjoy. Town hall-style meetings are one option, but they don’t fit for more reserved individuals. Give employees ample opportunities to be heard in a variety of ways.


Promote innovation and creativity. Present your toughest problems to your employees and give them the opportunity to come up with solutions. They’ll appreciate your confidence in them and take ownership of the concerns of the company. You’ll encourage innovation in discussions and communicate the message that your employees have something valuable to offer to the company.


Start engagement efforts from day one. One of the best ways to ensure that you are retaining employees with an effective engagement strategy is to assess whether they are a good fit for your culture from the start. PI Consulting Group offers the PI System, a behavioral assessment that helps you determine the candidates that will best fit your organization.


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