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You Won’t Want to Miss the Predictive Index Webinar: “What You Need to Know About the New PI Software”

Frequently Asked Questions About the Predictive Index Webinar

Predictive IndexHave you heard about our Predictive Index Webinar, “What You Need to Know About the New PI Software?” Do you have a few questions about the webinar? You’ve come to the right place, where you’ll get your questions answered and find out all you need to know to get registered for this exciting event.

At the webinar, you’ll have the opportunity to hear from Bob Clark, President of PI Consulting Group. With over 30 years of hands-on knowledge, Clark has worked with more than 70 companies, helping them successfully and efficiently align talent with their management goals.

Here are a few FAQs about the Predictive Index Webinar:

Why are you hosting the Predictive Index Webinar?

PI Consulting Group is hosting the webinar in order to provide an efficient way to service valuable customers. You’ll learn a wealth of insights and talent management strategies in a short period of time that will produce new momentum for your team. The webinar is also designed to create some buzz around the Predictive Index.

What do you anticipate that participants will gain from attending the webinar?

Customers tend to get in a rut with their management strategies, including the Predictive Index tools. In the beginning, they put a lot of energy into one or two areas of the program and experience a lot of impact from those changes. It’s important, though, to keep learning and keep improving your strategies so that you are expanding your use and value of the system.

Who can attend? Do you require attendees to be PI Consulting Group customers?

PI Consulting Group is making the webinar available to PI Analysts or clients that have been through some PI training. The webinar’s focus is on the application of the knowledge and tools available with the PI System, so it’s most useful to those that have some familiarity with the system.

Will you allow questions from the audience?

There will be an opportunity for questions, but in order to optimize the effectiveness of the format, questions will be limited to the last 15 minutes of the webinar. The audience will be invited to ask questions by writing them in the space provided, and PI Consulting Group representatives will answer them in the final 15 minutes.

What’s better than lunchtime on a fall Friday? How about expert insight and advice into talent analytics and behavioral assessment tools, so that you can make the very most of your team’s potential … and at no charge. Register today for the PI Consulting Group webinar “What You Need to Know about the New PI Software” Register today before it’s full: