How the Predictive Index Helped a Subway Franchisee Improve Employee Turnover Rates

Predictive Index Offers Valuable Insights Into Employee Potential

predictive indexKeeping skilled employees is probably an ever-present item on your to-do list. It’s even more true in some industries, such as retail or food. Did you know that Subway, the world’s largest sub sandwich chain, is keeping its employee turnover rate lower than the average seen in other companies within the industry? Subway franchise owners utilize predictive index tools to assist them in hiring the right employees and promoting them efficiently and effectively.

A recent case study outlines how one franchise owner, Harold Jackson, who has seven locations and around 100 employees, recognized that reducing his turnover rate would benefit his business endeavors. His goal was to keep his staff on the payroll long term, and despite offering competitive pay and benefits, he wasn’t able to accomplish that goal.

The tide turned for Jackson after he brought predictive index tools into the mix. A behavioral assessment was recommended to him, which is a simple, easy to use science-based assessment that gets at the core of what drives individuals. This assessment can also help predict how the employee will behave in the future.

The predictive index allowed Jackson to assess where his employees would fit in within his businesses, what responsibilities they could handle and where they would be most productive. Jackson has watched his business grow and continues to use predictive index assessments to help develop his employees into future managers. Thanks to the visibility this assessment provided, Jackson now knows which employees have leadership potential.

After Jackson saw the potential and actual gains from using predictive index tools, he issued a statement advising other business owners that an investment in predictive index will allow them to see turnover diminish, make hiring processes more productive, and bring people on board who will be there long term. Furthermore, Jackson said that while his goal was to increase retention rates, they’ve also lowered their training costs.

Here are some of the actual statistics from the case study about Jackson’s franchises following his experience with predictive index:

  • Turnover rate reduced from 70 percent to 32 percent
  • Saved $15,000 in training costs
  • Predictive index assessments led to improved job confidence
  • Job position transitions were smoother
  • Jackson learned that a “manager” position is not a one-size-fits-all role

PI Consulting Group specializes in offering predictive index tools to business owners and managers looking to make improvements like those witnessed by Jackson and his Subway restaurants. Utilizing the Predictive Index System, PI gives clients the tools they need to create a more driven sales team as well as create a new sense of teamwork. For good companies that want to be great, PI helps to unlock the best methods for employee retention.