What One Executive Did When the Predictive Index Nailed His Personality

The Predictive Index Lends Serious Objectivity to the Hiring Process

predictive indexMany hiring managers, out of a cautious recognition of the costs of managing talent, view behavioral analysis as a risky investment. For one executive, though, a chance encounter with the Predictive Index changed all his perceptions of behavioral analysis and led to a new mindset when it comes to talent management.

The conversion to behavioral analysis happened for Max Yoder, CEO of Lesson-ly when a PI System Consultant offered an introduction to the Predictive Index. Yoder, anticipating an experience that would only serve to reinforce his disbelief, accepted the invitation to complete the two-page assessment.

The consultant compiled the results for the simple assessment and presented statements to Yoder that were eerily accurate. They described minute details and nuances of his personality, as well as strong tendencies. Yoder was astounded by how consistently the assessment captured the unique tendencies and motivations that made up his person.

The exercise was duplicated with two colleagues Yoder knew well, and Yoder was again astonished to find that the assessment was accurate. Still, Yoder walked away from the Predictive Index and forgot about it until another consultant just happened to call his office at a time when they were about to double the size of their staff of 10.

The Lesson-ly team invested in the Predictive Index and were thrilled to use the tool to objectively evaluate candidates for their team. Before they made any hires, they used the Predictive Index to learn more about their current team and what roles fit each individual best. From there, they could hire people that were a perfect fit for the positions they still needed to fit.

The Lesson-ly hiring managers have continued to use the Predictive Index to choose their best candidates. They never rely solely on the results from the PI System, but instead use it together with experience and interview skills to form a more complete picture of a candidate before making a decision to hire them.

After hiring, the PI System remains an important part of management for the company. When it’s time to do employee reviews, for instance, managers can consult the results of the Predictive Index to determine what approach to take for different types of situations, and the kind of motivation that is likely to be most effective for a particular employee.

In Max Yoder’s case, the Predictive Index became a way to effectively hire a staff that shares a commitment to the company’s mission and are complementary in their work styles and skill sets.

For more information about how to incorporate the Predictive Index in your talent management strategy, make an appointment with PI Consulting Group. We offer support for your hiring process, and also for a comprehensive vision of your talent and the best fit for each individual on your team.