4 Tips About Employee Retention Strategies for Gen-Xers

You Can Use Research-Based Tools to Improve Your Employee Retention Strategies

Here’s the truth about multi-generational workplaces: They are part of nearly every work environment. They can beemployee retention strategies challenging – but they can also be highly productive and efficient when each member streamlines their strengths and abilities toward your goals. How can you develop employee retention strategies that enhance and motivate your employees, across the generations?

Gen-Xers care about making a difference. Gen-Xers are in their prime productive years. According to a survey by Korn Ferry Futurestep, a human resources advisory firm, a majority of executives say their most engaged demographic are the Gen-Xers. This demographic values their workplace and what it stands for because they feel like they are making a difference there. That’s the motivating factor for them – to make a difference. It’s less about development opportunities and recognition, so it’s important to help them see their value on the team.

Income matters. While making a difference matters most to Gen-Xers, income opportunities ranks a close second, which means your strategy should include offering competitive pay. Gen-Xers have children entering college, and some who are leaving college and seeking out their first career placement with heavy student debt. Therefore, income is almost certainly a factor for them. Consider bonuses as well as they are a great way to inspire this demographic.

Empower your team. You also have to trust Gen-Xers to take the lead when it comes to making an impact on your business. Setting goals is something every smart business owner or manager will do, but empower them to reach those goals. This not only satisfies them, it also helps them develop the leadership skills that can help your organization now and into the future.

Continue education. This is something all successful companies invest in – continuing education. You need to be analyzing, aligning and optimizing your talent. It is important to be intentional about your actions and decisions and creating more driven employees. This can be done through specialized training opportunities that dig into what motivates individuals, which allows management to approach education opportunities in a more refined, specialized way.

Using the tools found in the Predictive Index System by PI Consulting Group, you are able to build your bench early so you can identify talent and nurture growth. Using PI’s tools assists you in building quality employees around the skillsets they currently possess and the talents that can be nurtured over time through education opportunities.

Let PI Consulting Group help you find the right people and place them in the right position. We can assist you in reducing hiring mistakes by using our research-based predictive index system. Call us today and let’s talk about how we can help you optimize your current employees and identify new employees that will be a valuable part of your organization.