Your Company Culture Shouldn’t Get Lost in Your Growth Curve

Tips for Cultivating Company Culture as You Grow

company cultureAs a growing company, you probably see clearly how your company culture has contributed to your success. While you were starting out, you hand-picked employees that shared your vision and passion, and with whom you had a mutual rapport and respect. As a company grows, though, it’s easy to lose that intangible aspect of company culture, until you realize one day that your company feels much different than what you had envisioned.

How can you ensure that your company culture is cultivated, even as you expand and grow? Here are several ideas to guide your thoughts about a solid culture:

Model the culture you want. You and the other top leaders in your company must engage in the daily behaviors that you want to see in your staff, and it shouldn’t be relegated to a once-yearly teambuilding exercise. If you envision a high level of camaraderie between employees, for instance, then you should make it an everyday practice to engage in personal conversation with your leadership team and other employees.

The way you work is important. Many companies forget that the way you work has a lot to say about your company culture, too. Do you actively encourage a shared vision and passion throughout your team by including employees in important roles and holding them accountable for their work? Think, too, about what happens in your review process and whether it serves to empower employees to take ownership in your company’s future.

Be intentional about getting the right people on your team. When a company is small, it’s easier to see whether a person will fit with your vision and company culture. For many companies, the quality of culture is lost as they grow because they don’t have a system in place for making sure new hires fit the company. An objective tool like a behavioral assessment helps you predict whether a candidate is going to be a complement to your team. Company culture often eludes interview conversation, but it plays a significant role in whether new employees thrive or leave to seek out a better fit.

Find creative ways to connect. Most companies have a combination of on- and off-site employees, and it can be hard to create a company culture that bridges that gap. There are many office programs influenced by social media now that help culture flourish between employees that rarely see one another face to face. You can take it a step further than simply making the platform available by starting conversation-inducing threads every Friday or hosting trivia contests to win an office party or perk.

To learn more about developing a vibrant company culture as your grow, make an appointment with PI Consulting Group. With tools like the Predictive Index, you can create objective talent management strategies that protect your company culture through any level of success.