PI Assessment Helps You See Your Individual Candidates Better

Why You Need the PI Assessment in Your Hiring Toolbox

The human brain is skilled at making connections. That’s why it’s easy, after reading an article about how millennialsPI assessment differ from other generations in the workplace, to immediately see those same patterns in your candidates. Whether it’s gender, age or other ways that people can be categorized, it’s difficult to not fall into the trap of making connections that may or may not exist. Using the PI Assessment helps you avoid using a faulty demographical approach, and instead see the candidate clearly.

You need to see your candidates as individuals. As millennials become the biggest age group in the workforce, you may need to particularly fight against the stereotypes that are discussed in the media. The PI Assessment defines your candidate objectively, telling you how they behave, how they are motivated and how they will fit in your company culture.

Here are a few thoughts you should include in your considerations about your hiring process, along with utilizing the PI Assessment:

Some of what you’ve heard may not be true. The studies that find millennials to be unique from other generations catch a lot of attention in the media. Headlines tells us that millennials want more time off or they prefer companies with access to naturopathic healthcare options. What doesn’t get a lot of attention, though, are the studies that point out that millennials, in fact, are not that different from other generations.

Wanting to work for a cause is pretty universal. One of the themes of conversations about millennials in the workplace centers on their desire to work in a way that contributes to a bigger cause. They want their work to mean something. However, this is true of most workers. People engage in a job more when they feel that it’s work that improves the world or the lives of others, even in just a small way.

Career development is important to employees of all ages. You may have heard that millennials want a boss that will mentor them and help them move on to their next goal in their career. What you don’t hear is that this is another job perk that nearly everyone that works for you will embrace. People want someone to invest in them and help them achieve their next step in their career path. Take time to work with your employees on the future they’re hoping for and invest in their goals with them.

Focus on individuals.  Demographic data is interesting, but it has little place in a conversation about talent management. Instead, you need to evaluate candidates based on their experience, their interview skills and the results of a PI Assessment. Take time to include an assessment on your candidates and you’ll gain a valuable, objective perspective on a candidate that tells you important information about how they’ll function in a particular role.

At PI Consulting Group, we provide the tools you need for a strategic talent management approach. Don’t get distracted by the media telling you that one generation is somehow different from other generations. Instead, to choose the best candidates of any age, include a PI Assessment in your hiring tools.