5 Tips for Great Team Building

Team Building Combines Passion and Understanding of Individual Roles

If you’re envisioning a team that works seamlessly together, pushing toward shared goals with a big dose ofteam building camaraderie, you should be implementing team building strategies in your organization. When your company culture embraces a team environment, your employees are passionate, losing track of the time and forgetting to stop for lunch in their pursuit of the next objective.

Maybe forgetting to eat is taking it a bit far, but pursuing a vibrant culture where teams thrive is a great way to build your company’s success through your employees. Here are a few ways you can ignite the excitement for team building in your company:

  1. Tap into their passion: Motivation is one thing, but passion is where you really get great team building in your organization. It’s easy to fake motivation, but you can’t fake passion. The key is to tape into your own passion, because it tends to be contagious.
  2. Talk about successes: Talk about them often, and be specific. Point out the challenges that could have kept your team from succeeding, and then talk through the steps that were taken that overcame those challenges. Not only does it encourage your team to work through a current struggle, but it also inspires camaraderie when team members recall how they pulled through a situation together.
  3. Invite your team to participate: Don’t make meetings one-sided or limit your projects if there are team members that can add to the achievement of your objectives. Getting your employees to take ownership in their role with the project is a great team building decision.
  4. Empower your employees: Don’t limit decision-making to a select few. Your employees will feel like more of a team if they can make decisions among themselves or in their own realm. Be sure that your employees know exactly where they can make decisions and when they need to get a supervisor to sign off on something.
  5. Help employees know their roles: With a behavioral assessment, your employees can get valuable, objective information about what their motivations, traits and tendencies are. Once they have a clear understanding of their role in the company and on their own team, they’ll be much more engaged.

Behavioral assessments also help you at the hiring stage, so that you are formulating teams where the members complement one another both in their strengths and their personality mix. Including behavioral assessment as part of your hiring process helps you choose the candidate that fits most seamlessly with an existing team and provides important information that can’t be gained in an interview or through a resume

To begin your team building initiative, make an appointment with us at PI Consulting Group. We regularly work with companies like yours that want to build a solid team environment, but aren’t sure where to start.