How Effective is Your Hiring Process?

Here’s What Your Hiring Process is Missing

When it comes to hiring sales reps, you can waste a lot of resources getting the wrong person into the job. But howhiring process can you possibly know whether you’re hiring the best sales rep for your company? Here’s what you need to know to put a great hiring process in place for getting the best sales reps on board:

Create an interview that assesses sales reps effectively: Your candidate has already listed their experience on their resume, so you know that they are ready to present themselves as the sales rep you need on your team. However, you need them to show you that they are the right fit for what you need. Instead of asking them the standard interview questions, think of a couple that will demonstrate what they might be like as a sales rep.

What did you do yesterday? This question will tell you a lot about whether your candidate is, indeed, a self-starter. If they were up at 5:30 to get in an early run before their first meeting, or if you sense during their answer that they were energized about the activities of their day before, you may be seeing a self-motivated sales rep. Listen for clues that they are team-oriented or that they were able to resolve a problem with a customer or a co-worker.

Tell me about the one that got away. Listening to a sales rep talk about a potential customer that they lost to the competition will tell you whether they take responsibility for a failure and whether they take an optimistic stance on the situation. Failure is a key part of every sales rep’s job, and you need to focus in on candidates that fail well.

If you’re going to test skills, make sure they are skills that sales reps need: Simply throwing a few unusual challenges at a sales rep will tell you how they will behave in front of a potential customer asking unexpected questions. You can purposely ask a couple of questions that require quick math or problem-solving. Whether they get the answer right isn’t as important as how they respond to being caught off-guard.

Include behavioral assessment: Even when you’re receiving great resumes and have a robust set of interview questions, it’s easy to hire the wrong candidate and end up with a poor fit for your team. Adding in a behavioral assessment can give you objective information about how a potential employee will behave in a number of situations, based on their motivations, traits and tendencies. It’s a valuable and reliable tool to add to your hiring process.

Bringing a sales rep on board can push your hiring practices, because a poor fit is a costly mistake. That’s why PI Consulting Group recommends that, along with experience and interview skills, companies include behavioral assessment in their talent management strategies. Make an appointment with PI Consulting Group to learn more about the benefits of adding a behavioral assessment like the PI System to your hiring process.