Certified Business Coach Promotes Predictive Index

The Predictive Index Eliminates Costly Hiring Mistakes

You’ve hired a lot of employees, and if you’re like most managers, you can mentally catalog those that were a hugepredictive index win for the company and those that were a complete miss. Those are the easy ones, but what about the not-quite-right fit, the employees that are okay at doing their jobs, but they aren’t engaged or passionate about moving the company forward? Whether it’s a catastrophic mistake hiring a CEO or a smaller miss of hiring an unenthusiastic team leader, the Predictive Index can improve your talent management across your organization.

David Nast, an award-winning Certified Business Coach, wrote about his excitement surrounding the Predictive Index, noting that he’s hired several hundred CEOs. In his experience, hiring a person because of their resume and interview skills leaves too much to chance. It’s too hard to learn enough about someone based on a list of experience and a set of relatively short interviews.

Instead, when you incorporate the Predictive Index into your talent management strategy, you experience some benefits that keep you from wasting resources on bad hires. Here are a few reasons why you should include the Predictive Index, not only in your hiring process, but also in your overall strategy:

You get objective information about your candidate or employee: Perceptions in interviews and while reviewing resumes are always being influenced by your own viewpoint and biases. When you evaluate an employee based on their motivations and traits, however, you can see clearly whether they are a good fit for a particular role.

Likewise, experience and skills can change. Personality traits and motivations do not, so you add an important way of seeing your candidate that doesn’t depend on their self-assessment or where they are in a particular point in time.

You get a measurement on how they’ll fit with your company culture. The Predictive Index provides some critical information that is often overlooked in the hiring process. Company culture plays a role in how happy an employee is at your organization, but the subject gets pushed back in the interview conversation. Think about it, though: if you are accustomed to a lot of face-to-face conversations and an intimate feel in your workplace and you walk into an environment where all communication is digital, you might feel a bit out of sync. The Predictive Index ensures that your hire is a good fit for your culture.

You can manage measured indicators of your employees. Whether it’s a new hire or an existing employee that you’re working on developing for leadership, the Predictive Index gives you important information about how you can best shape and direct their path. It impacts how you help them set goals, how you reward them and how the discussion should happen if you need to regroup and redirect.

Make an appointment with PI Consulting Group to find out more about the Predictive Index. You’ll find that the Predictive Index adds a dimension to your hiring process and your overall talent management strategy that results in significant improvements overall.