Team Building That Includes Virtual Members

Tips for Successful Virtual Team Building

Creating a team that works together, with camaraderie and a shared purpose is difficult enough when you’re all inteam building the same location. Add in a virtual component, and team building can get much more complicated. Whether your whole team is working remotely, or if only specific members are separated from the rest of the group, you’re going to need some specific ways to make sure your team is operating cohesively and productively.

Consider these steps for team building when some or all of your team is remote:

Get everyone together when you can: It may be a challenge, but getting everyone face-to-face is great for team building. Your members can build trust and loyalty to the team, as well as forming connections and sharing interests that help cultivate the camaraderie you want to be a part of your culture.

When a project gets off course or there’s a bottleneck, it’s all too easy to assume that your virtual team members are not following through if you don’t have scheduled times to touch base with them in person. Face-to-face meetings go a long way in helping team members trust one another.

Empower your virtual team members: Your remote team members are expected to be able to work more independently, so take the extra step and empower them to make decisions independently, too. They won’t have the same open-door privileges or know when you’re in your office and available for a quick chat, so give them clear parameters for when they can move forward and when they require your authorization.

Get the right members on your team: Managing a team, whether it’s on-site or virtual, is more rewarding when you have the right people on the team. Incorporating a behavioral assessment in your talent management strategy helps you determine the right candidates for your team in your hiring process. You’ll also be able to apply the behavioral assessment in shaping your existing team, making sure that each person is functioning in their ideal role.

A behavioral assessment is a valuable addition to interviews and experience for determining the best fit for a position. You’ll learn objective information about how a person is motivated and what their tendencies and traits are, including how they’ll react and engage in various types of team situations.

PI Consulting Group teaches you how to include the PI System as an effective behavioral assessment for your overall team building strategy. We work with companies like yours to help them effectively build virtual teams with the right employees and create the kind of team culture you’re looking for. Call us today for an initial consultation.