Are Your Managers Working to Improve Employee Satisfaction?

Managers Can Help Build Strong Employee Satisfaction

If you have a disengaged workforce, your employee satisfaction rates are likely low. How can you improveemployee satisfaction satisfaction among employees and motivate them effectively?

A recent Gallup survey showed that 70 percent of employees say they are disengaged at work. There is a good chance the majority of your workforce is similar and doing just enough to keep their jobs. It’s time to help your managers learn how to motivate employees to be more productive and set goals to improve employee satisfaction rates.

The following are mistakes many managers make that negatively affect employee satisfaction rates, and productivity:

  • They don’t recognize accomplishments
  • They come up with rules that are counterproductive
  • They aren’t consistent in hiring practices
  • They promote the wrong people
  • Poor performance is tolerated
  • They don’t keep promises

Conversely, managers have the following workplace practices are achieving more productivity out of their teams:

  • They are strong, yet not harsh or overpowering
  • They are humble and transparent
  • They lead by example
  • They recognize that each member needs to be treated in a specific way
  • They openly communicate and listen

You don’t need to micromanage your managers to get them on the right track. However, you do need to rely on more than the traditional resume and interview process to make the right choices in who you hire, who your managers hire, how teams are built, and who should be promoted.

With predictive index solutions, you no longer have to guess who is going to work well with others, who is best suited for specific positions within your company or who has the leadership potential. When you utilize predictive index tools, you don’t have to go through a time consuming and costly “trial by fire” period where you find out the hard way that your teams are put together correctly and you’ve tapped the wrong people to lead.

It’s as important now as it ever has been to fill your talent pipeline with the right people. They need to share your values and work well with your existing team. You need to know that they have the tools to positively resolve conflict and communicate clearly. It’s through predictive index tools that you gain these insights and leave all the guesswork behind.

At PI Consulting Group, our science is exact, and it’s been evolving since 1955 when the predictive index science solutions first developed. Contact us today and let’s talk about how to prime your team with the right members using our proven methods.