Turn Employee Evaluations Into Productive Planning Sessions

Use Employee Evaluations as a Time to Set New Goals

employee evalutionsIt’s the end of the year, and as part of your responsibilities as a manager, you’ll be conducting employee evaluations. Filling out review information and sitting with each employee takes a lot of time, and it’s pretty typical for both managers and employees to dread the process. Employee evaluations can be turned around, though, to spark new goals and development for the New Year.

Whether you’re ready to applaud an employee in their evaluation or have a frank conversation about areas they are struggling in, you’ll want to be prepared to have a positive outcome in the conversation. Employees value the opportunity to talk about future goals and development, so make the most of the hour you spend with each team member. Here are some ways to think about employee evaluations with a positive outcome in mind:

Decide what you want to accomplish in the meeting: These are required evaluations, and it’s easy to check off a list, fill out the forms and get through the meeting. There’s so much potential, though, for creating positive goals and forward motion through employee evaluations. Think ahead about what you’d like to see come out of the meeting. Your employee will feel valued when they see that you have plans for them. Ideally, your meeting will include the following elements:

  • Measurement of performance
  • Discussion about positive and productive events from this year
  • Identifying any areas for improvement
  • Listing goals for the following year
  • Fostering connection in the company culture and as a part of their team

Talk about what moving forward requires from each of you: You need to determine two basic elements during the meeting to create forward motion. Determine the steps your employee will need to take and the support, resources or tools that they need from you or from the company to achieve their goals. This is a time where you’ll want to create specific follow-up dates and action items that can clearly be measured to see if your employee is on track throughout the year.

Emphasize the positive: No matter how difficult it is to review your employee’s missteps, you can gain perspective for both of you by focusing on the positive items that are going to move your employee and your team forward this year. Before you leave the meeting discuss again your employee’s positive contribution to the company and the goals that they have for the following year. Your employee will likely have no trouble remembering the negative parts of the conversation, but you want to make sure that the positive items stick, too.

Use a behavioral assessment to make the most of your employees’ contribution and fit in the organization: It’s important not to mass create evaluation worksheets, but instead treat each employee as an individual. Using a behavioral assessment can provide highly specific, objective information about what motivates your employees and help you conduct a highly effective evaluation process.

At PI Consulting Group, we know the challenges that come with conducting employee evaluations. We have the training and resources to help you create a positive environment for your employees and a forward-thinking culture that embraces growth and progress. Give us a call to talk more!