Make the Predictive Index Part of Your Plan for 2017

Including the Predictive Index is Just One Way for Your Company to Have an Even Better Year

predictive indexWhether you’re ending the year with a few goals unfinished, or you’re celebrating a new sales record, it’s a good time to pause and reorganize a few areas of your business. From hiring a business coach to implementing the Predictive Index, there are small steps you can take that have a huge impact on your perspective and profitability for the next year.

Here are a few suggestions for looking at your business in a new way this year:

Invest in a business coach. You look at your team, your processes and your customers day after day, and it’s possible you don’t see them clearly anymore. Pull in a new resource this year and gain the insight of a business coach. They’ll be able to spot processes or practices that are holding you back and give you some new perspective that results in growth and new objectives.

Check in with your customers. Transitioning from one year to the next is a great time to do a little formal or informal survey with your customers. Find out what they like about doing business with you and what would make their experience better. Be sure to include a couple of open-ended questions. Your customers may just present you with the gift of a great business idea or a marketing promotion that could drive new growth.

Refine your processes. Does your company do anything “because that’s the way we’ve always done it?” If so, those are the first procedures you should examine. It’s easy to get into comfortable routines without asking if it’s the most efficient or effective way to get the job done. Encourage your staff to duplicate this effort across the organization and offer perks to those that find ways to save time and money in their analysis of everyday operations.

Review your marketing plans. Marketing has changed significantly in the last decade or so. Are you focusing your energy in ways that help you connect with your target audience? There’s been a big shift from seller-centric to buyer-centric marketing approaches, and the end of the year is a good time to determine whether you’re staying ahead of your competitors with a relevant and valuable marketing plan.

Check in with your team. Have you got the right people in the right positions? An objective, data-driven tool like the Predictive Index provides important information about the motivations, tendencies and behaviors of your employees. You’ll get an idea what makes your star employees so great and help you align employees with the right job.

At PI Consulting Group, we not only help you implement the Predictive Index, we train you to use it for your company’s benefit. The Predictive Index is just one resource that’s part of a more comprehensive talent management approach. Give us a call to talk about ways you can make 2017 a more productive and successful year for your company!