Tips for Creating the Company Culture You Want

Your Company Culture Can Benefit From Quick, Easy Solutions

company cultureYou want engaged employees and maybe you have some other ideas about the feel you’d like to have for your office. You’re wanting a high level of camaraderie between employees and a collaborative approach to problems. If you’re battling a company culture, though, where isolation rules, it may be hard to know how to move toward a warmer climate in the workplace.

It may be easier and less complicated than you think. Check out these ideas for getting the company culture you want, and start with one that’s easy and free:

The morning huddle: Instead of planning once-a-week, drawn-out staff meetings, consider implementing the huddle. It’s a quick, meeting where employees get a chance to voice concerns and remind teammates of objectives for the day. You decide how often to do it. Some companies sound a bell or another signal and every employee drops what they’re doing to hurry to the huddle.

Happy hour still makes people happy: It’s not a new idea to hang out at happy hour, but quitting an hour early on Friday to do it is. Take this last hour of the week, when productivity tends to slack anyway and do something productive to boost your vision for a vibrant company culture. Having just left the office, your staff is unlikely to rehash work problems and instead start connecting and building camaraderie.

Talk about objectives and goals: This takes very little investment, but makes all the difference when you are working on your company culture. It’s human nature to want to belong and be a part of a team, so make sure you’re including all levels of employees in measuring your progress. This can take a variety of forms, from an online benchmarking tool to regular issues for review at your huddle.

Encourage your employees in their personal dreams: It may sound counterintuitive, but you should be encouraging your employees to daydream and plan their next big thing in their personal lives, too. Whether it’s a trip to Europe or running a marathon, your employees’ personal goals show an enthusiasm that spills into your workplace, and it’s contagious, spurring other employees to start thinking big. Post a big ideas board or invite employees to share pictures of their latest adventure.

Be generous with downtime: Offer as much vacation as you possibly can, and create a culture where vacation time is never sacrificed. This means you offer real coverage for other people when they leave so that they never have to debate whether they can really afford to step away from their jobs. Express out loud that your priority is to prevent overworked employees and that giving up vacation earns no brownie points.

Make sure your new hires are right for your culture: As you consider new candidates, be sure that they exhibit the kinds of qualities that you’re looking for in your new vision for your company culture. A behavioral analysis tool is a valuable resource for identifying the best candidate for your culture, and the objective information that it produces can help you narrow down to the ideal new hire for your company.

Creating the company culture you want requires some resources, but for many of these ideas, it mainly requires a high level of commitment and focus. At PI Consulting Group, you can access the resources you need, like the PI System behavioral analysis, and the management training necessary for a vibrant company culture.