Six Essential Employee Retention Strategies

Use These Employee Retention Strategies to Boost Engagement and Satisfaction Among Your Team

employee retention stratgiesKeeping your employees excited and engaged about their jobs is an important part of employee retention strategies, but many companies struggle to find the right mix of tools and resources. Are you confident that your employees are on board and committed to your team for the long haul? You may have some great plans in place, but here are six more strategies you should be including in your talent management plan:

  1. Schedule a stay interview with your employees. Don’t wait until your employee is on their way out the door before you ask them what they love about working for you, and what they don’t. While an exit interview helps you get a better perspective on your company, it doesn’t do anything to help you keep that employee. Instead, give your employees a chance to express what’s keeping them from loving their job while they are still there and you may get an opportunity to move them to new levels of engagement.
  2. Focus on empowering your team members. If delegation doesn’t come easily to you, it’s time to push your limits. Give your employees ownership as a cornerstone of your employee retention strategies. After all, it’s hard to get excited about assigned, empty tasks, but your employees will appreciate ownership of a project and the pride that comes with successful execution. Let them make decisions, give them more responsibility and let them solve their problems whenever possible.
  3. Embrace anonymous feedback. In addition to the stay interview, give your employees a way to communicate the frustrations that are too sensitive for a face-to-face interview. This means you need to get comfortable with criticism and view it as a way to improve your management skills. You may find out that you’re not as supportive as you think you are, or that your communication skills need some refining. You may also learn that you’re a great boss, but that the lack of a certain benefit or perk is causing enough concern that your employee is considering a different path.
  4. Schedule a regular check in. Don’t wait for review time to find out how your employee is progressing on their professional development goals. Whether you schedule a formal meeting or make a personal calendar note for a regular check-in time, you need to be sure that your employees have access to you.
  5. Choose transparency. You’ll increase employee engagement when you include transparency as one of your employee retention strategies. Share your goals, where the company is succeeding and where it is not, and what role your team members play in moving the needle. You’ll get better buy-in and your employees will know they are trusted with the direction of the company.
  6. Align employees with their best position. It can be easy to simply think about whether an employee is working out with your company. It’s more complex than that, though. You may have a great employee that’s floundering because they are aligned with a role that they don’t have the right skills or personality for, or that doesn’t challenge them enough. Use a behavioral analysis to get objective information so that you can align your team members with their perfect position.

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