Happy Employees Are Critical to Your Company’s Success

How to Ensure Happy Employees Stay Happy

happy employeesYour budget may be tight this year, and you’re wondering how to reward committed, engaged employees that are working hard for your company. How can you find ways to make sure that a restricted budget doesn’t impact your team and you can help happy employees stay that way?

Here are some of the many ways to compensate your employees without raising their income, plus some ideas for boosting employee engagement:

Embrace transparency. Employees are more likely to take ownership and buy into your objectives if they feel like they are part of the process. Invite your employees into conversations about your goals. When they ask how you are doing, share with them the specific challenges that come with the objectives you’re working on this year. When you share your company’s successes, don’t forget to acknowledge the areas you still need to work on.

Offer more vacation time. If you’ve got a few stars on your team that also happen to be happy employees, reward them with some extra days off. They’re clearly hitting their goals and objectives, so give them a way to enjoy the fruits of their labor. Many of your employees may prefer more vacation to a raise.

Promote work-life balance. A big part of growing a team of engaged employees is helping them balance their work with the rest of their lives. Offering work-life balance perks, like flexible work hours, can go a long way in promoting a high level of satisfaction among your employees.

Create spaces for communication. Make sure your work environment is designed to encourage collaboration and conversation. Whether it’s arguing over their favorite contestants from The Voice or comparing notes on a critical company goal, happy employees generally feel personally connected to the people they work alongside every day. Make sure employees know that they are expected to take time away from their desks to connect with their team members.

Invest in career development. Even if your budget is restricted this year, you can get creative with ways to help advance your employees’ development. From mentoring opportunities to networking at events, look out for ways to help your employees keep in a forward motion.

Find the right fit for your employees. A less-than-stellar employee may not be a bad hire; they may simply be sitting in the wrong role for them. Using a behavioral assessment can help you align new hires as well as existing employees with their perfect position. Using objective data about their traits, motivations and tendencies, you will be able to match your employees with their ideal job, creating a company full of happy employees.

PI Consulting Group understands the challenges of rewarding employees when there isn’t room in the budget for raises. Keeping employees engaged, though, often isn’t about the money. To learn more about the kinds of perks your employees really want, give us a call.