Trends to Watch in Talent Acquisition

Talent Acquisition Gets a Boost From Technology

Big Data has made an impact on a variety of business processes, from how a company targets their potential clientstalent acquisition to the very words they choose to use in an advertisement or an email. Big Data is allowing companies to zero in on customers and activities that help them grow sales. Talent acquisition is benefiting from Big Data, too. The process of hiring a candidate is better informed and relies less on gut instincts to get the right person for the job.

It’s not just Big Data, either. Some of the trends in talent acquisition have a lot to do with candidates knowing what they want from you, too. Take a look at a few of the trends shaping how hiring gets done in 2017:

Candidates are checking out your experience, too. You want a candidate with a good work history and a progressive climb through promotions and earnings. Your candidate is looking at you with a similar filter. They want to hear how your company has improved over the years and the kinds of things that your employees say about working for you. You’re looking for more than just an employee that punches a clock, and your employee is looking for more than just a job.

Analysis takes the guesswork out. While you used to be forced to rely on listed experience on a resume and a candidate’s responses during an interview to make a guess about which person to hire, today’s hiring processes are more objective and data-driven. Using a behavioral analysis, you can get important insight into how a candidate would behave in certain situations and whether they are right for your company’s unique culture.

HR becomes a little more human-focused. Human resources, in recent decades, have been focused on documentation. While the importance of keeping an accurate set of records for legal reasons won’t change, it will become automated. This means that recruiters and your company HR specialists will be able to focus more on the individuals that make up your company and that are interested in joining your ranks.

Job descriptions are replaced by candidate personas. You’ve heard of buyer personas, where companies create a profile of the ideal individual to whom they will market their products. In hiring, this concept is taking shape as a candidate persona. Using behavioral analysis, you can develop the profile of an ideal candidate based on your current star employees. Instead of writing a job description for a job, you’ll refocus it into a candidate persona so that you know that your new hire has not only the skills, but the temperament to succeed in the job.

At PI Consulting Group, we are at the forefront of trends affecting talent acquisition. Whether you’re ready to embrace new technology, or you need to ask a few questions about how these tools might impact your hiring process, give PI Consulting Group a call. We look forward to hearing about your company and the trends you’re seeing in talent acquisition.