Using a Predictive Index to Discover the Potential of Your Employees

Predictive Index is the Tool You Need for Greater Insights

Behind every successful company is a team of leaders who know how to motivate their employees and inspire them.predctive index These leaders don’t rise to the top out of nowhere – they’re often groomed for the position because they have the tools necessary to achieve success. Utilizing a predictive index, organizations small and large are tapping into hidden data to identify the best potential leaders.

There are several things you can do to get to make the challenge of developing your leaders less of an uphill battle. For example, if you’ve already identified a potential leader, you can implement a job rotation practice that allows them to experience several roles in your organization. This gives them the first-hand knowledge they need to make fact-based decisions. Furthermore, they will become better communicators because they have experienced the way the organization operates by standing in everyone’s shoes at some point.

Are you still doing annual performance reviews? Many organizations are, but the fact is the world is changing rapidly and you need to get more insights more regularly. Some companies are implementing what is called pulse surveys, which offer up information in real time about how your talent is developing. This method also allows you to alter your performance goals as needed.

Performance is a word that is used frequently, but there is another word that deserves respect: potential. While it’s important to monitor performance, you also need to spend some quality time looking into potential. You’re not only looking for the potential your employees have as leaders, you’re looking for potential as it relates to them working together in a manner that is productive.

Are your employees invested in your brand? You might see an employee who is completely dedicated and invested, yet hasn’t developed the skills necessary to be among your top employees or a leader. It’s worth the investment to spend some time training these individuals as they tend to be highly proactive and willing to absorb everything you can teach them.

The best talent could be under your nose. There is often no need to do a massive national search for your next leader. You’re going to save a lot of money by retaining your talent, but you also need the right tools to help you reveal who has the most potential. This is where your predictive index tool will be critical.

At PI Consulting Group, we work with a predictive index methodology that can help you unlock the potential of your current employees, as well as identify which job candidates are going to be the most productive and beneficial to your entire team. We know you’re probably spending a great deal of time and effort, not to mention money, on every new-hire and every promotion. By using our methodology, you’ll have confidence that every decision you make is backed by data and facts.