The Mistakes That Make Your Hiring Process Ineffective and Costly

Improve Your Hiring Process With Better Technology

You’ve heard that creating an employer brand is just as important as having a brand message for marketing, but howhiring process do you covey the right message? You need the technology to back up your brand message as you send it out to your potential hires.

Do you want to send the message that your company is a progressive, exciting place to work? Then you don’t want to ask your applicants to fill out a paper application, or they’ll see right through your branding and move along to your competitor. Here are some ways you may be hindering your hiring process and failing to attract the best talent:

You’re providing a poor applicant experience. When was the last time you took a tour through your application? If it was when you were hired, it’s time to take a test drive and see what your applicants see. If you’re providing an online application process that’s not user-friendly or doesn’t allow your applicants to easily update their profile or check on the status of their inquiry, you’re out of date.

In addition, if you don’t have mobile access to your application process, it’s past time to implement it. The best talent will be driven to your competitors if you don’t have this capability, because it’s no longer considered progressive to be mobile, but necessary.

You don’t have all the data. With the behavioral analysis tools available now, you can know more than ever about a candidate before you make the decision to hire. From their motivations and tendencies to how they’ll behave in each situation, you can compare candidates in an objective light.

On the flip side, many companies fail to get a complete picture of the role they’re hiring for, and make a hiring decision with too little information about the position. Here, too, you can use a behavioral assessment to get a profile of the ideal candidate, based on the star performers already in your company.

Your onboarding process fails to make a positive impact. Your candidate’s positive experience of a progressive company should flow seamlessly into your onboarding process. Don’t greet your new hire with a stack of paperwork and a disorganized training orientation.

Instead, there’s new technology in this area that gives your new hire mobile access to interactive training and orientation programs that provide an exciting initial experience as an employee. You need to create an engaged employee on day one that is absolutely confident that they’ve made the right choice in their employer.

The costs of a bad hire are often estimated, but how about the costs of a less-than-stellar hire? That employee that isn’t terrible, but also isn’t engaged or excited about their job, is costing you money, too.

Get the right person in the right job from day one. The specialists at PI Consulting Group are here to help you tighten up your hiring process with the latest technology to attract the best talent. Call us today to set up an appointment.