Creating a Culture That Leads to Happy Employees

5 Tips for Ensuring Only Happy Employees Work at Your Company

happy employeesHappy employees are engaged employees. They do their job and more, always looking for ways to improve themselves and the company. Great, you say, but how do you turn it around if this isn’t the environment of your company?

Creating an organization of happy employees is about creating a culture where employees feel appreciated and valued, and where you as an employer cultivate a sort of brand that attracts great talent that wants to work for you. There are five ways that you can get started right away:

Gratitude: This one seems obvious, but expressing your appreciation for others’ work can easily get lost in the demands of a to-do list. You should find a variety of ways of expressing gratitude, in varying levels of formality and style, and do it often. A personal note or a simple email acknowledgement can happen any time, but create opportunities for celebrating and appreciating peoples’ contributions with special events, too.

Empowerment: Do your employees know the objectives for your company, and do they know their role in those objectives? Your staff should have a clear sense of how their job matters in the big picture. Delegate elements of your own responsibilities to include them in the bigger goals of the organization and communicate how they are contributing to the success of the company.

Flexibility: One of the best ways to create a company of happy employees is simply asking what makes them happy. If you can, create a benefits package that reflects what is important to them. Options like telecommuting, flexible hours and vacation time all contribute to a higher quality of life and may be more important to your employees than a raise.

Communication: It’s always a good investment of your time to communicate better and more often. A practice that is becoming more common in companies that embrace good communication is a consistent standing huddle. Instead of gathering around a conference table for an hour once a week, teams gather for a five-to-seven minute standing meeting for quick updates more often.

Fit: Hiring happy employees requires a clear understanding of whether a candidate is a good fit for your company. You can utilize a behavioral assessment to give you objective data regarding a candidate’s tendencies and motivations, and whether they’ll fit with your company’s communication style and overall culture.

A behavioral analysis gives you a strategic way to create an organization filled with complementary, collaborative individuals. Along with assessing your incoming employees, you can also get a clear picture of your existing team and whether they are in their ideal role.

To find out more about the benefits of incorporating a behavioral assessment into your talent management strategy, talk with PI Consulting Group. We offer the PI System, a reliable way to ensure that your team is comprised of engaged, happy employees. Call us for an appointment.