Company Culture Can Determine How Your Employees Perform

How Company Culture Determines Productivity

There are a number of elements that keep employees happy, productive and long-term fixtures at a company, and itcompany culture all has to do with company culture. Perhaps the Harvard Business Review put it best when describing it as something that “guides discretionary behavior and it picks up where the employee handbook leaves off.”

An employee that has truly bought into their company feels empowered and will go above and beyond expectations. They share the same values as others around them who are also invested in the mission of the company. But it’s more than just the mission – there also has to be a natural sense that they’re in the right place.

Some organizations are able to define their company culture in very decisive terms. However, in most cases, it’s something that a person begins to realize in subtler, organic ways. It’s a sum of experiences and behavior among teammates that makes sense to other employees who embrace these experiences. Not everyone will adopt or adapt to the company culture, thus creating a disconnect that generally results in the employee leaving or being fired.

According to a study by researchers at the University of Iowa, employees that fit into the culture of a company are more productive, show greater performance, have greater job satisfaction, and remain with the organization for longer than those who do not.

With all that can be ascertained from a resume and what can be gleaned from multiple interviews with future employees, it should be apparent from the outset which ones are going to succeed and which ones are going to make a hasty exit, right? That does not always prove to be true.

Human resource professionals are taking note and slowing down their processes. Instead of jumping at the person who sends over the most impressive resume and snatching them up before the competition gets to them, HR professionals are looking deeper, considering more than just what they’ve learned through an interview. They’re looking to predictive index testing to find the right fit.

The predictive index is far more than a personality test. It’s a behavioral and cognitive assessment that is scientifically validated. Armed with the right tools, an organization can identify thousands of positive correlations between business performance and the assessment.

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