5 Qualities You Should Include in Building Your Leadership Pipeline

Make Building Your Leadership Pipeline a Priority

Developing your future leaders may seem like a low-priority objective compared to the daily ruleadership pipelinenning of your company. Particularly if you’re currently in a transition period or facing some challenges in reaching your growth goals, you may be putting off building your leadership pipeline.

Identifying and developing your leaders should be a priority, though, because in many cases, companies are just one or two events away from a serious leadership gap. Unfortunately, a simple combination of an illness and a job change can create a situation where you experience debilitating setbacks because you didn’t have a leadership pipeline with employees ready to take the helm when circumstances demand it.

Here are the qualities you should be looking for in developing your leadership team:

Great leaders are good listeners: Great leaders aren’t the loudest in the room; they tend to be the ones soaking up information. A great leader will listen to employees and use what they learn to formulate insightful questions to gain even more information. Good listeners are focused on the other person, helping them do their job to the best of their potential.

They place trust in their employees: Surprisingly, good leaders don’t wait for their team to earn their trust. Instead, they tend to give trust as a gift and assume that their employee will follow through on what they’ve promised. In healthy business organizations, great leaders put a high level of trust in their employees and empower them to do their jobs without a lot of oversight.

Leaders are good coaches: Coaching is a competency, like any other skill that you want to develop in an employee that shows leadership potential. Make sure you have some good coaches in your leadership pipeline, that can offer encouragement and inspire their teams to reach for new goals.

They make their teams part of the big picture: Some managers make the mistake of expecting their teams to do the tasks and meet the objectives that support the bigger goals of the company, but without sharing what the big goals of the company are. Great leaders talk about the big picture and see a clear connection between their team and the success of the company, giving their teams ownership over the bigger goals of the organization.

Great leaders are resilient: Your future leaders should be able to take a failure in stride and go back to the drawing board without experiencing strong feelings of defeat. They need to be ready to try again with a different strategy and have some determination that it’s possible to succeed with enough effort and creativity.

Now that you know what your leadership pipeline should look like, how do you know if your employees and hiring candidates possess any of these qualities? It can take years of working alongside someone to determine these leadership traits, or you could cut to the chase and evaluate potential leaders using a behavioral assessment.

A behavioral assessment provides objective data about the behaviors, motivations and tendencies of your employees, giving you a clear picture of an individual’s leadership potential.

At PI Consulting Group, we know that building a leadership pipeline could turn into a full-time job in itself. Let us streamline your search for your company’s next great leaders with our Predictive Index. Give us a call today.