Keep Good Employees Longer With Strategic Workforce Planning

How to Approach Strategic Workforce Planning

In a perfect world, everyone you hire will be happy in your workplace, talk it up to others, be incredibly productivestrategic workforce planning and never want to leave. Your hiring practices are probably geared toward finding the most suitable candidates, but what are you doing to keep them there? Furthermore, how sure are you that your hiring practices are actually bringing in the most qualified individuals? Every strategic workforce planning effort should consider these questions.

First, lets talk a bit about how you’re approaching the atmosphere in your workspace. How much fun are your employees having or allowed to have? More than one expert on the subject has weighed-in on this and attests that fun in the workplace isn’t about joking around and giving high fives – it’s about infusing the place with enthusiasm for the task at hand, and cultivating the energy to get it done right and on time.

The Importance of Being Important
Each team member needs to feel as though they are a good fit, a valuable part of the enterprise. Each employee can be viewed as having gifts that they’ll only share when they feel as though those gifts will be received with a modicum of praise. When you communicate with your team members and let them know how they’re doing, i.e. where they are excelling and where they could use some work, they respond in kind.

Something as simple as a monthly or weekly award for good things done in the workplace is another way to let them know you’re watching and you care. However, you always need to engage with them, support them and encourage them. If you make this part of your strategic workforce planning, you’re going to see more inspiration coming from them.

Hiring the Right People
Who is doing the hiring? Do they have the intuition that allows them to see through the cracks of a 30-minute interview and a resume? While the interview and resume might show an individual with all the right stuff, they also need to bring a human element that is often difficult to ascertain with such little interaction.

If you’re looking for the best prospects, it requires more than the traditional hiring process. For example, there are scientific methods available that give you insights into a person’s performance ability before they set foot in your workspace.

By using The Predictive Index, companies are able to analyze workplace behaviors and find the right fit. This works on prospective employees as well as current employees who might be management material.

Predictive index, or PI, has been in use for 60 years in countries all over the globe, and PI has positively impacted an estimated 8,000 businesses. At PI Consulting Group, Inc., we’re using these analytic solutions to bring you the best team members out there. In fact, we’re one of the few PI consultancies in the U.S., and we’re ready, willing and able to optimize strategic workforce planning efforts today.