5 Elements For a Winning Hiring Process

Your Hiring Process Needs to be Proactive

When it comes to your hiring process, don’t make the mistake of staying in a reactive mode. This often happens inhiring process small- and mid-size companies, where it can be easy to only think about hiring when you’ve got a position open or if you’re in a growth phase.

While being reactive won’t keep you from filling a position, it may prevent you from hiring the best talent for that position. Here are some practices you’ll want to implement into your hiring process to avoid making a costly bad hire:

Communicate your brand message clearly. Just like you have a certain message you’re trying to communicate to your customers, you also need to be sure your potential hires are fully aware of what your message is. What makes you unique, and how does this look for your team? Be clear, be honest and talk in practical terms. Talk about what you value and how it shapes your goals and workdays.

Invest in your careers page. Again, you spend a lot of time thinking about how your customer perceives your company, but how about your job candidates? Craft an inviting careers page on your website that is consistent with your brand message and helps a candidate understand what they could expect from a career with you. You might include a couple of quotes from your team members and a few images of your staff collaborating or having fun together.

Always be thinking about hiring. Even when you aren’t hiring for a specific position, you can be on the lookout for a great potential hire. Spending time on LinkedIn and gathering a list of candidates for various positions will help you recognize a great individual for your company.

This mindset is helpful, because the alternative is that you often make a bad hire in the stress of a situation where an unfilled position has extra work heaped on everyone’s desks. In a period of growth, you may need to make multiple hires and find that the candidates you need aren’t quite matching up with your applicants.

Rely on objective data to inform your decision. It can be difficult to learn enough about a person through a resume and an interview series. There are great tools that can give you insight into how a person will fit with a position and your company culture. A behavioral assessment gives objective data on a person’s motivations and tendencies and helps you make a better hiring decision.

The talent management strategists at PI Consulting Group often work with companies like yours. Small- to mid-size companies often have the least structured hiring process, but are more vulnerable to the high costs of a bad hire. Talk with us and learn more about how a behavioral assessment is a reliable investment for preventing bad hiring decisions.