Company Culture is About More Than Compensation

What You Can do to Create a Positive Company Culture

company cultureThe corporate landscape has changed quite dramatically in the last decade, and some of that is because of a new generation in the workforce with priorities that help shape the way organizations attract new talent. More people are looking at company culture as a large part of deciding where they choose to work.

A report from Deloitte last year found that 86 percent of respondents said company culture or corporate culture is important or very important. Yet not many companies are clearly defining their culture, as only 28 percent of employees said they understood what their current company culture actually is.

For many organizations establishing a well-founded culture for their employees has not been accomplished. Cultural change might be on the agenda, but attempts to move in that direction are sometimes misguided. So how do you establish a positive company culture? Corporate giant Google provides an example of a company that has intentionally established a successful company culture and consistently ranks as the best company to work for.
Here are some of the unique things that Google offers that really speak to their commitment to establish a positive company culture:

  • Five months paid time off for new mothers
  • Afternoon volleyball breaks
  • Recognition for accomplishments big and small
  • Commitment to community
  • Free organic meals
  • No fees for insurance
  • Gyms and swimming pools
  • Subsidies for hybrid car use
  • Nap pods
  • Physicians on site
  • Free haircuts

Obviously, not every company is going to have the financial resources to offer these types of benefits, but they show how important it is to value your employees. As you work with your leadership team on developing your company culture, make sure you agree on key points that will create the definition of your culture. You’re narrowing it down to a pattern or accepted behavior and beliefs that make your company unique.

Come up with a list of core values that you believe speak to your brand, and ask yourself how you can “live” those values. Then it is important to improve your hiring practices, to find people who follow the same values, behaviors and beliefs. The way to do it is to utilize behavioral assessments for any prospective new-hires. This will leave no doubt as to which applicants will fit the mold of your company culture.

At PI Consulting Group, our predictive index solution unlocks 7,000 positive correlations between workplace behaviors and performance. Not only will you find out who fits your company culture, you’ll also have a better idea where to place them and if they should be groomed for a leadership role.