Employee Retention Strategies That Make Your Team Members Love Their Jobs

Developing Employee Retention Strategies Centered on the Needs of Your Team

employee retention strategiesIt’s easy as a manager to focus in on the problems and the gaps in your team, because those are the fires that need to be put out. Instead, though, you should be looking at your stars to figure out what makes them great and why they like working for you. Here are a few tips for developing good employee retention strategies and then you can continue to develop your plan as you learn more from conversations with employees.

Forget the exit interview. Okay, you still have to do the exit interview, but more importantly, invite your employees in for a stay interview. Ask them why they like working at your company, and find out what kinds of things are frustrating them enough to make them eventually look around at other employers. You may hear some hard feedback, but thank them for it and do the best you can to make changes.

Give them the power. There’s a lot of talk about empowerment, but what would your team members say is their level of power? You should be encouraging your employees to have so much buy-in that they’re operating more like entrepreneurs with guidance from you. In other words, don’t just talk about empowerment. Make it a reality in your employees’ daily experience.

Make feedback anonymous. If you really want to know what your employees are thinking, you have to give them the opportunity to gift you with suggestions without any risk of negative consequences. Provide a way for your team to tell you what would make them a loyal employee.

Create a regular check-in time. Make sure you’re providing opportunities to hear from your employees, and make it happen in a predictable pattern so that they know there’s going to be a time for them to share their thoughts with you. Don’t only go over their performance and their personal development goals. Talk about what’s going on in their personal lives, too. If they have a major life change coming up or if they are needing a better work-life balance you can get these items on your radar.

Be transparent. Your employee retention strategies can fail if your team doesn’t feel like they have a direct impact on the company’s goals. Share what’s going on with the executive team’s goals and how each person on your team influences the success of the company.

Know what motivates your employees. Utilizing a behavioral assessment can help you better understand the motivations most likely to inspire your team members. When you use a behavioral assessment, you receive objective data that can inform smarter employee retention strategies.

Employee retention strategies are rarely successful without listening to your team members. Learn more ways to find out what drives your star performers by talking with our team at PI Consulting Group.