Have You Established Best Practices That Lead to Happy Employees?

Happy Employees Mean a Better Company Culture and Increased Production

happy employeesNothing pushes a good (or bad) employee out the door quicker than being ignored. These are the people who may feel they have no platform on which to air their issues, don’t get praise for a job well done, or whose thoughts on work-related topics aren’t considered. Happy employees have a more positive experience when they have an employer who is eager to hear them out and appreciate their efforts.

If you want to maintain a steady list of clientele, you have to give your workers incentives to stay and develop those important relationships. So, what are some best practices you can utilize to incentivize employees?

Did you know that companies with established incentive programs experience better employee satisfaction results? A study from Gallup found companies that don’t embrace an incentive program see up to 70 percent of employees become disengaged. The study estimated that nationwide, as much as $350 billion a year in lost production is the result.

Many employers only care about what goes on within the workplace, which is also a reason employees become less productive and less excited about being part of the company culture. Employers need to show care and concern for personal life as well and help employees to establish a good home/work balance.
One of the biggest problems with employee engagement is that employers don’t know what makes their staff tick. They haven’t tapped in to what motivates them, what de-motivates them, what makes them feel joy and what makes them feel sadness. More importantly, they don’t even know what motivates them to be more productive at work.

A behavioral assessment can reveal all of these hidden facts. This process is scientifically validated and offers a large variety of insights. If you’re looking to take the mystery out of what motivates your employees or applicants, this is the missing piece of the puzzle that will help you put it all together.

At PI Consulting Group, we’ve unlocked the potential in thousands of workers by utilizing our predictive index solutions. Our technology is easily administered and we expertly analyze the results to unlock the potential in your team. Our solutions are also an excellent way to find the best possible applicants and where they’ll be most productive in your organization. Contact us today and start making your employees happier.