Pre-Employment Screening Helps You Put the Right People in the Right Place

The Value of Pre-Employment Screening for Your Team

If a resume and an interview are your gatekeepers for hiring, it’s time to establish a more thorough process.pre-employment screening Pre-employment screening should involve more than just the standard list of questions and an assessment of the resume – it needs to dig deeper if you’re going to build the best team.

With pre-employment screening, you not only find the right people, you can figure out exactly where they fit in your organization. So, what exactly should you look for in pre-employment screening?

Job Descriptions Matter
Your applicants need to know what job they’re applying for, which means when you advertise a position, it needs to be thoroughly described. This description will inform the applicant of what their role will be, what personality attributes are the best fit for the position, and the skills required to be fruitful within it. You’d be surprised how many employers fail to meet this basic standard.

Choose the Right Channels for Outreach
You could draw up an excellent job description and a list of qualifications required to fill the position, but if you’re advertising in the wrong places, you’ll never attract the highest quality applicants.

You might think there is no need to drift beyond the digital mediums, but you should. It’s true that the Internet is an important piece of the distribution process, but so too are traditional channels, including local and regional print magazines and newspapers.

Save Time and Effort by Utilizing the Phone
Once you’ve selected a group of resumes from people that seem, on paper, to fit the position, you need to make an effort to minimize the list. Jump on the phone and screen your candidates. This will indicate which ones deserve an on-site interview and which ones are not going to be the best fit for the position.

Look Into Their Background
Each candidate must be fully vetted, which should include a background check to see if there are any underlying issues that could spring up later and cause you great concern. It might seem invasive, but it’s an important step you’ll be happy you took.

Dig Deeper With Behavioral Assessment
While a face-to-face interview might seem like a failsafe way to pick the best applicants, there are many, many questions that can be asked to get a deeper understanding of each applicant’s strengths and weaknesses. When you have them take a behavioral assessment, you unlock these attributes.

At PI Consultant Group, we’ve established ourselves as a formidable pre-employment screening organization, but we’re also able to assist you in unlocking the potential in your current employees. Our goal is to help you get you the best, most engaged personalities possible into your organization and on the right teams. Your best interests are what we focus on, and our scientific methods are proven to connect you with the best possible workforce.