Talent Analytics Shorten the Hiring Process

Find the Right Candidate More Quickly With Talent Analytics and Talent Referrals

Sorting through a large number of candidates and extensive interview processes can drive the hiring process intotalent analytics unreasonable lengths. If you notice your talent acquisition cycle growing ever-longer, it may be time to implement some new tools. Resources like talent analytics and a talent referral program may help shorten the time it takes to get the right person in the right role.

There are several techniques you can implement to shorten your talent acquisition cycle and create a cost-efficient process:

Focus on creating highly specific, detailed job descriptions: Much of what slows down any hiring process is the sorting through candidates whose background and qualifications don’t match what you need. Creating a job description that is descriptive and detailed will cut down on the number of ill-matched candidates you screen.

For instance, if you list in your job description that your sales representative position will require travel at least 60 percent of the time, include group presentations and require knowledge and skill with pressured negotiations, you’ll eliminate candidates that might apply if they saw simply “sales representative.” Those that are homebodies, introverts or conflict-averse won’t be likely to apply.

Get creative with talent acquisition plans: You don’t have to always wait for applicants to come to you. You might consider launching a talent referral program that trains your employees on how to recognize good potential candidates for your company. Make sure to provide an incentive and the materials they need to successfully identify a good candidate.

Talent mobility is another way to feed your talent pipeline. Make sure your professional development efforts are a priority in your budget and make sure reviews of these goals are frequent and regular.

Take advantage of talent analytics: It used to be that you were forced to combine interview skills and experience, plus a gut feeling, to determine who the right candidate was for your company. Those pieces of information are valuable, but they lack the objectivity that talent analytics brings to your hiring process.

Use the data that talent analytics provides to match the candidate with the right position. You’ll have a good understanding of a person’s motivations, behaviors and tendencies that make them a good fit for the job. You’ll significantly speed up your hiring process and know the right candidate when you see them.

The team at PI Consulting Group understands the pressure of trying to shorten your hiring process in today’s talent management culture. Talk with us today about how to create a talent management strategy that makes hiring a quick and pleasant process.