Improve Your Hiring Process for Better Retention and Improved Productivity

5 Changes You Can Make to Develop a Stronger Hiring Process

You know that it’s important to reduce your turnover and improve employee satisfaction, but many companies findhiring process themselves in a constant reactive state and struggle to get out in front of the concerns that keep employees from sticking around. If you want to improve retention rates, employee satisfaction and productivity, start with your hiring process.

Of course, you’ll want to find ways to address these issues with your existing staff, too, but making changes to your hiring process is a great way to make a big impact on your company with a few relatively small changes.

Sell your brand. You may think of selling your brand in terms of selling your product or service, but you should be marketing yourself as an employer in just the same way. Invest some time and money into selling your company culture and other ways your company is unique on your website and across social media sites. You’ll attract employees that are attracted to your culture, and they’ll be more likely to have a long career with you.

Implement a referral program. Your best employees probably keep company with some pretty great people. Offer some short, simple training to help them recognize contacts that may be a good fit for your company, provide materials that are easy and convenient for them to hand to a friend that might be looking for a position and offer incentives. It’s a relatively inexpensive way to locate good candidates.

Use recruiters wisely. Look for one that you can develop a good relationship with, and one that identifies with the culture and values of your company. If they’re connecting well with you, they’re likely to connect well with the best candidates, too.

Get specific on your job description. You can save a lot of time weeding out candidates that aren’t qualified or don’t fit your culture by being hyper specific in your job description. If the job involves travel, frequently taking clients to lunches and a lot of presentations, put that in the job description.  This will help eliminate applicants that know those requirements aren’t a good fit for them.

Get objective in your hiring process. You may be used to examining a resume, interviewing your candidates and then filling in the rest of the decision with checking references and going with a gut feeling. Including a behavioral assessment injects some objectivity into your hiring process. Surely you’ve been managing long enough to know that your gut can make a mistake, and a data-driven tool like a behavioral assessment provides one more piece of information to help you make an informed hiring choice.

Want to know more about using objective data to make your hiring process a more informed process? At PI Consulting Group, we help you take the guesswork out of team building as part of a comprehensive talent management strategy.