Retaining Employees: It’s All About the Culture

A Strong Company Culture is Critical for Retaining Employees

When it comes to attracting and keeping the best individuals for your company, it’s always tempting to look at theretaining employees paycheck first. While retaining employees often does require a competitive salary, there are many talented people that would gladly sacrifice higher pay in exchange for a better company culture.

It makes sense, though. The people that you are most excited about on your team are not just looking to pay the bills. They are engaged and passionate about what they do. These kinds of star performers tend to get disengaged, though, if they begin to sense that their company is not passionate about them.

It’s not about the benefits, either. Companies often get bogged down, trying to figure out what new, innovative benefit they can offer to attract or keep the best talent. Working remotely, flexible work hours, increased vacation time and a company gym are all great perks, but it’s also important that your employees feel valued and have the sense that they’re part of something bigger.

The best talent for your company is made up of people that are excited to be a part of your organization. What makes them excited to be there? A shared purpose is an important part of company culture, but so is appreciation.

Take time to celebrate your employees: This should not be patronizing, or coming up with some compliments to check off the “encouragement” box on your to-do list. These are specific items that you can name, where an employee has completed tasks or initiated and finished projects that help your company meet important objectives.

Embrace transparency: Speaking of objectives, do your employees know what your goals are, and those of the broader company? Each of your staff members should know how their particular job contributes to the overall goals that the company is trying to meet. If they don’t have a good sense of the role they play in the company, your employees will become disengaged.

Hire the right people in the first place: Part of creating a healthy company culture is knowing the types of candidates that will round out your team and having a good process for identifying and hiring them. Using a behavioral analysis is a great way to get insight into your current employees, learning about the motivations, tendencies and behaviors that shape their place in your company. Once you know your employees better, you can better identify which candidate will round out your team.

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