How to Develop an Employee-Created Company Culture

Cultivate Company Culture by Letting Employees Lead the Way

company cultureIf you want to build a company culture that also creates employee engagement and buy-in, there’s one simple answer: let your employees build it. Giving your employees ownership over the company culture helps them decide what kind of place they’d like to work and then create the reality. Try one or more of these ideas to launch a company culture development program in your organization:

Let them brainstorm without you: Announce a brainstorming session and then let employees know that you won’t be joining them. Give them a topic or two to cover, such as future goals for your team or what kind of company culture they’d like to experience. This process allows them to be more honest and free in their brainstorming, without the pressure of trying to please the boss or vie for attention.

Provide space for culture to develop: Some of your company culture develops by chance when your employees are given the space to let their personalities shape the feel of the workspace. For instance, the freedom to set their own hours and dress code may allow your team to work more efficiently and collaborate more intensely than if they were told exactly when to work and how to team up on a project.

Create a Facebook group: Every team needs to find a way to infuse the group with their personal expression. Creating a closed Facebook group gives your team members an opportunity to post a picture of the dog they just adopted or the hiking trip they took with their extended family. This is a great way for your team to bond and to allow the personalities of each member to shape the culture.

Ask for stories: At your next team meeting, take a few minutes to ask a quirky question that gets conversation rolling. Maybe you want to know what each team member’s favorite cartoon was when they were a kid, or you could ask a few “would you rather” questions. It not only gets conversation started for your meeting to keep a good pace, but it also gives employees something to talk about as they interact throughout the day.

Get out of the office: Remember how fun it was when your high school literature teacher led everyone outside for an impromptu springtime reading session? There’s some magic in changing up your location, and don’t be afraid to do something outside of the typical happy hour session. Try taking everyone out to breakfast for a morning staff meeting or bring in ice cream for an afternoon meeting under a tree. These small moves make for memorable meetings and can shape your culture.

Get the right people on your team: Building a great company culture takes the right people. Whether you’re in a growth pattern or reorganizing an existing team, utilize a tool like a behavioral assessment to match the right people with the right roles, and to be sure that a new candidate fits with the company culture you’re working to create.

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