There’s no Secret Formula for Happy Employees

What Brings Happiness in Life Also Makes for Happy Employees

There’s no big secret to happiness in life. People want to be safe, they want to be valued and they want to have ahappy employees purpose in life. The same is true in the workplace. If you want a team of happy employees, apply the same principles that make people happy in life.

That may sound simple, but translating it to the workplace may be a little more complicated. Take a look at how happy employees result from some basic needs met:

Safety: Of course, you’ll provide for your employees’ physical safety, but it’s important that your team feel emotionally safe, too. This means cultivating a culture of respect and positive affirmation. As a manager, you’ll want to provide frequent encouragement and model respectful communication for your team.

Recognition: Your team members need to hear that they’ve done a good job. Some employees will need this more frequently than others, but find ways to incorporate it into the regular work week instead of waiting for your annual awards luncheon or their anniversary with the company. Highlight their management of a client situation at the next staff meeting or have a bulletin board where people can pin a quick shout-out to one another.

Purpose: Make sure your employees know exactly how their efforts contribute to the key performance indicators (KPIs) for your company. You should frequently communicate how their progress is helping the organization meet particular goals and how their overall role is valuable to the company.

Understanding: Not truly listening to employees is a common managerial mistake. When you talk with an employee, put your smartphone, tablet or laptop away and focus on what your employee is saying. Take time to ask a few questions to be sure you’ve understood their needs or opinion. In an era where everyone is multitasking, your employee will notice that you’re taking the time to listen.

Transparency: Share as much as you possibly can with your team about what you are working on and what the goals of the overall organization are for the near and distant future. Employees want to feel like they are part of something important, not just a nameless cog in a big machine.

Value: There are hundreds of ways to communicate to your employee that they are valued, but two important areas are their personal lives and their professional development. Find out what they are passionate about and take an interest. You don’t need to take up mountain biking just because your employee is on the trail three times a week, but if they are in a race on Saturday, make a note to ask them on Monday how it went.

When it comes to professional development, take time to understand their fit relative to their role and what motivates them, as well as the path they’d like to follow for their career. Using a behavioral assessment is a great way to get a better understanding of your employees, including what tendencies they have and which roles would be best for them.

Building a team of happy employees doesn’t require a magic formula; it’s simply applying the same principles that ensure a happy life. PI Consulting Group can help you better understand your employees, help them feel valued and see their role as an important part of the organization. Make an appointment with us to learn more.