5 Tips for Improving Employee Engagement

Using PI to Increase Employee Engagement Levels

employee engagementIt’s likely you already know in order to improve the rate at which your employees engage with each other, you have to know what makes them tick. However, without the right leaders in place, it will be challenging for them to fully engage in a way that benefits the company. Strategies for employee engagement must begin with a sound organizational leadership strategy.

Once that management/leadership is in place, you need to closely monitor how engaged your employees are by using  straightforward tools and metrics. These can be as simple as surveys or suggestion boxes – basically anything that will give you a better understanding of where they are in terms of being plugged in to the culture of the company.

Follow the Money
It takes more than a good wage to keep them plugged in, but that’s not to say that pay doesn’t matter. You can motivate your staff by offering cash prizes on occasion, bonuses and other monetary incentives that give their morale a boost.

Empower Your Employees
Employee engagement gets a boost when you prove that you trust them. An easy way to do this is to empower them. Give them the autonomy to make their own way, come with ideas of their own and make decisions on behalf of the company. Nobody likes to be micromanaged and giving them more leeway will boost their confidence. A confident employee is often an engaged employee.

Continuing Education
Training is important in today’s global marketplace. When you invest in their education, you’re proving that you want them to evolve and become more of an asset to the company. This is also a great way to fight stagnation, which can lead to poor performance and high turnover.

Recognize Performance
Most employees like to be recognized when they do something above and beyond what is expected of them. Don’t miss an opportunity to celebrate success because it can give the entire team a morale boost. Furthermore, if a milestone is reached, do more than make note of it in a company newsletter; take the team out for lunch or give them a half-day off – anything to show that you appreciate the work.

Using Predictive Index Tools
Going full circle to where we began, let’s discuss how to know what makes your employees tick, because this is where you’ll know what motivates them, who they work best with and what style of management they prefer.

The best way to learn more about your employees is to have them take part in the predictive index, which is scientifically validated and has a six-decade track record of proof that it works.

At PI Consulting Group, we offer professional PI analysis that helps our clients build quality teams. If you’re looking for future leaders, start grooming them now. If you want to know which employees will work best together, we can help. Contact us today and let’s get started engaging your employees.