Leadership Development Training for Millennials

Create Leadership Development Training That Results in Long Term Success

leadership development trainingLeadership development training is a key component of any healthy company growth plan, but there are a number of pitfalls that can come with training. Employees may have success in changing their behaviors, but only for a short time, or they may be misidentified for leadership roles. In some companies, Millennials are identified for leadership development, but they may require training that looks different than what worked with past generations.

How can you design training opportunities for Millennials that create lasting growth and development for the future of your company? As you plan leadership development training for Millennials, here are a few factors to keep in mind:

Training should be mobile-accessible: Millennials do most of their online activity on their smartphones or tablets, so create your training to be mobile-friendly, too. Particularly if there are components that your employees are going to do independently, make sure it’s designed for mobile and that it’s user-friendly.

Cater to a variety of learning styles: Your employees are individuals, and they have individual learning preferences. Be sure to include audio, visual, kinesthetic and e-learning opportunities so that you can not only hit every learning style, but also to keep things interesting.

Employ coaches as guides: Millennials often prefer to have an instructor around for guidance, but instruction can be weighted more in electronic formats instead of having a designated teacher in front of a classroom.

Individualized training: It’s always better if training is completed with a smaller group, but Millennials value the high level of individualization that comes with a personalized leadership development training program. This means you may need to have a more complex, mobile-friendly format that allows them to move at their own pace and choose formats.

Identify the right people for training: One of the common mistakes in developing leaders is the misunderstanding of what makes a great leader. For instance, just because a person is good at their own job doesn’t mean they’re the right person to manage someone else doing that job. Identify the traits that result in good management and leadership by using a behavioral analysis. This objective, data-driven tool will give you clear information about which employees are likely to help your company progress well into the future.

Our team at PI Consulting Group can help you determine what makes your current leaders great, and then help you identify those traits in other employees for leadership development training. Learn more about the PI System and the guidance that PI Consulting Group provides by giving us a call today.