Building a Company Culture Your Employees Can Believe in

Company Culture Builds Better Teams

company cultureFew company leaders will say they want anything less than a group of motivated employees working together toward the same goals. For organizations that achieve this, they’ve likely developed a strong company culture that every employee fully believes in.

The end result of reaching goals isn’t just about money. Sure, profits are the desired effect, but when you build company culture, you’re inspiring employees who feel like they have a purpose with your organization. Making the world a better place is a lofty goal, but it’s something that can inspire employees who know they can change the world by starting within their own community.

Company culture can only be established if everyone is on the same page. While company culture can’t be established with a catch phrase, a simple phrase that captures the spirit of your mission can establish clearer objectives. Whether it’s on the front door of the office or on everyone’s business cards, it communicates what’s important to your company.

Are you walking the talk? If you don’t lead by example, your employees aren’t going to buy into your company culture. However, if you are walking the talk, you also have to let your employees have a little say in how they show they are doing the same. It helps your team to feel empowered.

To get started with developing a strong company culture here are a few important steps:

  • Be transparent about what your culture is
  • Allow time for employees to disconnect every now and then (i.e. come in late and leave early)
  • Some employees need personal space – set aside time for them to have it
  • Communicate openly
  • Establish a well-planned organizational design (hierarchy, structure and process)

It’s also extremely important to put your employees in the roles that best fit them. You can’t do this without knowing what motivates them, what discourages them and what inspires them. You can do this through behavioral assessment solutions.

Behavioral assessment is used to predict behavior beyond what a resume and interview can provide, and it helps to select the right people for the right positions. Furthermore, when it comes to putting people together on teams, a behavioral assessment can also assist with making sure every team is stacked with the right players for that team.

Finally, you need to find the people who will lead your teams and eventually become managers. Using a behavioral assessment is critical to find out whom you need to groom for future leadership roles.

At PI Consulting Group, we’ve established ourselves as a leader in behavioral assessment by using a predictive index solution that has assisted hundreds of clients over many decades. Contact us today and let’s begin to unlock who will be a perfect match for your company culture.