How do You Approach Talent Management?

Using Behavioral Assessment for More Successful Talent Management

Staying ahead of the competition is a universal goal all organizations share, and there are a number of ways to reachtalent management that goal. However, without a focus on talent management, the competition can get the upper hand.

Whether they’re full-time on-site employees or consultants, anyone helping your organization work toward a goal is considered talent. Often, an organization focusing on total talent management can even go as far as to include non-human elements, such as computing applications or robots.

Businesses that have successfully implemented a talent management process are able to bring in the right employees and side step the costly hiring process that occurs when the wrong talent is brought in. They are also able to gain more flexibility and become more fierce competitors.

Acquiring talent is a process that traditionally follows a resume submitted with an application, followed by an interview. Headhunters are also part of the mix when it comes to identifying the right prospects for a management position. However, to approach talent management with a more comprehensive approach, you need to know how a person will react to specific workplace stimuli, which can’t be ascertained from a resume or interview.

When you are able to objectify workplace behaviors, you can predict what drives a person and what motivates them to achieve specific goals. By utilizing a behavioral assessment, you dig deep into a person’s psyche. You can even determine which employee will fit on which team.

A behavioral assessment, which must be analyzed by a professional, reveals how dominant a person is and how they might try to control their environment. It will show who the extrovert is and which employees are introverted. You will see who is focused on consistency and stability in their workplace and who will go to great lengths to conform to a workplace environment.

Does your organization need a type A personality that will stand up and stand out? Do you require a person who is patient, reflective and quietly tackles tough tasks? Are you looking for a leader to groom for a management position? These are all traits that can be identified with a behavioral assessment.

With scientifically validated assessment solutions, you can use the right talent to help achieve your business objectives. At PI Consulting Group, we’ve developed a scientific process that takes the agony out of the hiring process. When you want to hire and retain the best talent and identify future leaders in your organization, our predictive index behavioral assessment is the perfect match for your company.